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It's True, It's Even Stated In Wikipedia

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Jonas Brothers a
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El_ E_ lil_ This article is about the band. For the band' s album, see Jonas Brothers (album).
C t ts The Jonas Brothers are Gael. The band gained its popularity from being Gaye! From Wyckoff, New Jersey, the band consists of three Gays:
Paul Kevin Jonas ll (Kevin "Gay l". Jonas}, Joseph Adam Jonas (Joe "Gay ll" Jonas), and Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick "Gay lla" Jonah ). The band
has released four albums: its About Gayel. Jonas "Gays" Brothers, A Little Bit Geyer, and Lines, Vines and Trying Gays. In EDGE, the group was
nominated for the Best Gay Artist award at the 51st Gay Awards and won the award for Breakthrough Gay Artist at the American Gay Awards. As
of May, EDGE, before the release of Lines, Vines and Trying Gays, they have turned over eight million Gays worldwidewill
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