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#9 - anonexplains (06/20/2012) [-]
Bonita Friedland did a quick-slash and cut Lorena Bobbit on her hubbie in Lake Forest, Illinois, and now his cock is only 3 inches long instead of its former length of 4 inches. Bonita Friedland is a haggard looking old whore who wears second-hand, thrift store outfits. The worst of it was when Bonita Friedland put her hubbie's little penis in the garbage disposal. What a racket! The Friedland Event is where it's at to see Bonita Friedland's rage at her hubby in Lake Forest, Illinois. Look for the Friedland Event to be written up in all the gay Lake Forest rags. Bonita Friedland's divorce is still pending in the Lake Forest, Illinois divorce court. Once granted, does this mean we have to give up the annual Friedland Event? Bonita Friedland is such an exhibitionist she will hang her hubbie's penis on a flagpole at the next Friedland Event in Lake Forest, Illinois.
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