Known Facts Proven Wrong. PART TWO! : /funny_pictures/521322/Known+Facts+Proven+Wrong+Part+Two/<br /> I have some fact compilations too, if you wanted to  facts Proven wrong
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Known Facts Proven Wrong

1 " A ducks quack actually does echo.
Mythbusters proved it. Your arguement
is invalid.
t That 'ST on Heinz bottles doesn' t
actually stand for anything.
It' s a combination of the creator' s and
his wife' s favorite numbers.
It' s not the number of pickle varieties,
like I always read.
3. You CAN' T see the Great Wall Of Chime
From Space.
The Gram Wall Ea only about as wide as
a normal interstate. You cati' t see ovary
interstate from space, can you? Thanks Captian
You can, forvever, see the Pyramids of
Giza, and some other building, Shit, I
didn' t read the whole / ing,
5. Cracking your knuckles does no
damage, or cause arthritis. It' s just gas
bubbles breaking.
6. Think nothing rhymes with Purple?
Well, you' re a dumbass.
A 'curple' is a word for the rump of a
There, Tacks' proven wrong. Your
life is a lie, just like the cake.
Ha, right. Okay. Anyway, yeah.
Thumbs if you learned something!
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