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User avatar #150 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
lol its funny cause its true. if we hadnt brought black people over as slaves they wouldnt be where they are today. theyd still be in their hut like the pic above
User avatar #209 to #150 - majesticmoose (06/14/2010) [-]
...and thats why your pic is cartman...
#169 - anonymous (06/14/2010) [-]
Actually if black people were not brought over into the united states we know the "white man" would have had to do all of the back breaking work that the black people have done so there black people are some how half responsible and probably should be thanked for all they have done so seriously think about it. Don't be ignorant. Learn bitch. And if you actually have the balls to go to Africa you will see that only native original tribes life in huts get it ******* straight.
User avatar #173 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
yea the rest are poor aids ridden kicking a soccer ball around in the street. its not ignorance just accept the fact
#282 to #173 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/15/2010) [-]
See, im pretty sure you meant all Africans who werent slaves
#181 - anonymous (06/14/2010) [-]
So next time go learn mmkay!
#180 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
Oh my god dude, did you ever go to school? Your the biggest idiot that I know and you really have no idea what you're talking about and yes it is poor and yes a lot have aids, but you know what.. that's mainly the fault of old white bastards like yourself
User avatar #272 to #180 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
If we hadnt brought them over as slaves they would still be in their little huts dancing around the fire. Now please quit telling me i need to go to ******* school and prove that statement wrong u little bitch
#275 to #272 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
Ok. Go to google and look up Maputo. search images and try to imagine in your incredibly small mind that black people have city's, drive cars, have runnin water systems and they don't live in ******* huts. this has nothing to do with slavery. Now loom at your own country. Do you think the rednecks out on the country who never get in touch with real society are smarter than the people in Africa? Besides it is only in the bush with tribes they live in huts like these... BITCH
User avatar #277 to #275 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
lol i think you got me wrong i didnt say all of them lived in huts, i just said most of them are poor as hell and some live in huts
#179 - anonymous (06/14/2010) [-]
Still it is ignorance it's not their fault they don't have well enough living conditions like most of us if you maybe try to help some one like them instead of sitting in front of the computer maybe fapping the world wouldn't be as worse as it is because pricks like you who probably don't give a **** about the world really don't care aboutnanybody else but themselves.
#153 - Imagine (06/14/2010) [-]
Actually if you even knew what you were talking about you'd know Africans were well skilled in smelting and crafting, also being quite smart.
#157 - iamananoymous (06/14/2010) [-]
yeah they were skilled at making the weapons but to stupid to figure out how to effectively use them
#183 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
Arhh the stupidity! alright listen here, Africa had its rennaissance when we were still in the middle ages. They mined gold and built empires of glory. Listen they figured out how to use iron 400 years before we did so who do you think are the stupids? Their problem was that they peaked at the wrong time + they lived in the wrong part of the world. They had too many enemies from the middle east and europe that they were unable to defend themselves and were simply overwhelmed. And instead of having another great empire win over them they had tribes win over them because they were more skilled in combat. Thus they had to start all over again with learning while we were just jarheads who only focused on war and began learning much later...
User avatar #273 to #183 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
haha bla bla bla. whats taking them so long to join the rest of the world and be civilized? places like haiti where they had the earthquake.. that place was ****** wrecked before the earthquake! its hopeless down there with malaria and aids
#274 to #273 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
What do you know about it? its not hopeless and no aids and malaria arent all oover the place. think about it and maybe go there to research besides who are you to talk when all you know is from what you hear in bedtime storys. you really should think before you speak
#283 to #274 - iamananoymous (06/15/2010) [-]
lol i know about africa but funnyjunk is when im on at 4 in the morning trying to figure out why my girlfriend left with my buddy jack d and being generally pathetic
User avatar #155 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
ok............i can make a dam good bird house, that doesnt mean anything lol. Look at africa today and other parts and you'll see what smelting and crafting has done for them lol. (not racist making a point)
#184 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
Do you seriously think that is because they made bad tools? no I think it is more because nobody gave a **** and took all their resources so they couldn't sustain themselves properly. BTW if you look at Africa now you will see that it isn't much worse off than a lot of other places we just tend to stereotype on them because our bedtime stories told us fake things.
#161 - anonymous (06/14/2010) [-]
oh hippiekiller...such such stupidity (sigh) society has lowered and lowered in generations and is about to give up on kids and doesn't give a **** on what anybody is doing...i can see that it has given up on you
User avatar #162 - Hippiekiller (06/14/2010) [-]
lol and your moms a fatass, all i saw were insults and not proving me wrong
#185 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
prove yourself right...
#159 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
the fat kid has a point, who gives a **** if you can smelt if you arent smart enough to keep kids from becoming fly food
#163 - anonymous (06/14/2010) [-]
same thing about society for u hankwareagle
#164 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
dude get a name then come talk to me
#186 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
Are you stereo typing or have you actually been to Africa
#263 to #186 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
no i havent been to africa, but are you going to sit their and tell me africans are really rich, and have hidden their wonderful cities and cars and running water systems, oh and there toilets, and have painted a picture to the world that they are poor and needy
#264 to #263 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
No you havent been to Africa so you dont know what the **** your talking about. They are not all poor and needy and yes some countrys are pretty ****** up because of their leaders oh and BTW they do have running water systems. Of course they have cars you ******* and no you havent painted a truthful picture to any world. Please look it up next time.
#265 to #264 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
oh then when does the UN have to deliver food and water to over 70 places every two weeks
#266 to #265 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
places not countries and these are most likely out in the bush or with tribes affected by diseases or refugee camps. This isn't Africa as a whole. And they have cities you know. Capitals and stuff. not shining of gold or something and not something like new york with lights everywhere but cities like normal big cities with people houses sky scrapers cars water system sewers proper airports and so and on
#269 to #266 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
ok look ******** piece of **** ,this is whats wrong with everything i assumed you would think that because of the picture (A MOTHER ******* HUT) and when i stated africa, i didn't realize that i would have to clarify that i wasnt talking about whatever god damn city youre talking about, im talking about the "bush", NOT whatever the hell your talking about. OBVIOUSLY we arent talking about cities, we are talking about tribes in the "bush", if we were talking about cities why the **** is there a god damn hut in the photo. Do you see a city in the photo of africa.... didnt think so god damn piece of ****
#270 to #269 - hobby **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
No I see africa titled below the picture and that is obviously what the "fat kid" was talking about to begin with which was where you continued from so therefore Ireasoned that you were talking about Africa as general.
#271 to #270 - hankwareagle **User deleted account** (06/14/2010) [-]
oh ok i see why you would think that
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