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Xzibit vs. Depressed Latvian

Xzibit vs. Depressed Latvian
Yo Dawg, how many Latvian
screw in a Lightbulb?.
One, but I
l for
potato to
feed family
Yo Dawg, what did one potat ‘say to the
other potato?
no on in
Latvia have
Pi potato
Yo Dawg, what' s the different
dog and a Latvian? "c,
Dog have fur
to keep
warm, also
freedom and
dog eats
poop for
pleasure not
survival, _US.'.
many things
Yo Dawg, so a Latvian walks i
says ouch!
Is because
stomach has
no food
Yo Dawg, how many thumbs es this
compilation need fora: part 2?
thumbs are
severed off
from unsafe
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