a real videogame quiz 2. here is the link to #1: /funny_pictures/493361/a+real+videogame+quiz/. hello funny junk! and welcome to the seccond edition of... A rea videogame Quiz
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a real videogame quiz 2

hello funny junk! and welcome to the seccond edition of...
A real video game quiz
and without further amine, lets get on with the questions! like
before, ill give you an easy one to start out with...
1. what does the "64" stand for in Nintendohc?
a. the year it was
WRONG! video
games hadn' t even
been invented in 1964
let alone colored TV' s
b. how many BITE it
ran on
CORRECT'. bit, or binary
digit as it stands for is the
ammount of memmory
somthing can hold, and the
more bit you had, the more
bragging rights as well
c. how many
connectors there were
on the end of each
game cartridge
WRONG'. i admit i have
heard I rumor that this is
what "bit" buti
did research on it, and plus,
there are 64 connectors on
SNES games and those not on
18 bit'.
now that iv' e got you all warmed up, its time for some real questions.
2. which one of these charachters did NOT have their own TV show'?
a. Cobert
b. Star Fox
iknow, this one supprised me too but
aparrently they both had their own TV
shows that left just as quickly as they came
one about Star Fox
i dont remember the
Cobert/ Packman shows, but i
would deffinitely remember
well the questions are only going to get tougher as we move on to question number
3... which by the way, even i got wrong the liest time i was asked this question
3. who was the first boss in Super Mario World for the SNES?
a. Larry
b. Lemmy
u' klulli
i dont know about you guys, but i always
though it was Larry
you knew somthing i
did' even know!!!
if you got that one right then i congratulate you, if not; then get ready for the
next question...
4. in legend of zelda Majora' s mask, what must you do to obtain the gold powder
in the “never break long sword" ?
a. race these guys
you must have easily beaten
Majuro' s mask after you
completed this
b. tim' this door and melt it
with fire arrows
c. kill thisguy
uh Home an he even has the sword
equipt inthe as picture',
sorry for the bad quality on those photos, i couldn' t find the pictures i
wanted so i had to screencapp them " of youtube. but anyways, this is
the tth and question, which will be as nastalgic as it gets....
5. which one of these classic videogame systems is an "intellivision“‘.’
what are you even doing
here? this is a
comodore 64", it looks
nothing like an
very good! you are
becoming as smart as the
master himself
very very close, ill give you
that. this is actualy a
not an
once again sorry for the bad picture quality, cropping pictures isnt realy one of my
strong points...
BUT ANYWAYS! i hoped you enjoyed, if you liked it, then tell me
and i will make # and as always dont forget to thumb and comment!!
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