The Quest; Stranger 7. FTW! XD<br /> Attempt 7: WIN! <br /> ;p<br /> THe search has ended....... omega Widows Internet Explorer GE; v la mu (( The ultimate sho
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The Quest; Stranger 7

The Quest; Stranger 7. FTW! XD<br /> Attempt 7: WIN! <br /> ;p<br /> THe search has ended....... omega Widows Internet Explorer GE; v la mu ((

FTW! XD<br />
Attempt 7: WIN! <br />
;p<br />
THe search has ended......

omega Widows Internet Explorer
GE; v la mu ((omegle mm
at new Savant's we Help
k Caboodle v Add re Caboodle
t Latvian Dawn e The Inmate ‘come
Connecting to server...
Tau' re now chatting with a random stranger. say MI
You: on Gamma was hopping around
Stranger: (owe my We a mg playground
You: when suddenly Batman shade
Stranger: and It mm a Batgrenade
You: got Lyssa and pagando attack
Stranger: out didn‘( expect to be mocked by shad
You: who proceeded to open up a can l
Stranger: when Aaron Caner came out Mme we
You: when Aaron Carter came out one we
Stranger: and he started prating up snoozette O‘ Neat
You: Themeex both bythe Batmobile
Stranger: but before it Could make it bathe the Batcave
You: Abraham popped out or he grave
Stranger: and took an AKA? out from under he lat
You: and blew Batman awae wth a
Stranger: but he ran out or whee and he ran away
You: because optimus Fume came to save the day
Stranger: the stle Immatu showdown Dewy
You: out Jame out and landed on he back
Stranger: and Batman was Injured, and tryingto get steady
You: when Abraham Lincoln came back mm a machete
Stranger: but suddenly something caught he reg and he moped
You: mane Jones took mm out Wm he mp
Stranger: then he saw Godzila sneaker up from perand
You: and he reached for he gun when he just couldn‘( fmd
Stranger: ‘cause Batman stole and he shot and he mesed
You: and Jame Chan detected rt WM he he
stranger: then W the an and M a Sumerian}:
You: we Abraham Licoln med to pole yam
Stranger: onto , but they calmed W the an
You: then they both got mt by a Care Bear Stare
stranger: the e the Immatu showdown Benny
You: good guys, had guys, and as tar as the eye can see
Stranger: and only one mu survive, T wondershy smut be
You: the e the Immatu showdown
Stranger: angels sang out n immaculate chorus
You: down from the heavens descended chuck More
Stranger: who a kack when cone shatter bones
You: mm the crotch Jones
Stranger: who ten dyer on the ground, (ll path
You: as Batman changed back mm Bruce Wayne
Stranger: but chuck saw through he clever demise
You: and he crushed Batman: lead inbetween he thighs
Stranger: then sandwiche Grey and sandwiche Wm and
You: "Morty Python and the Holy Gril" s Beck Kinght and
Stranger: Berna and The Blue Meme and
You: Cowboy Cums and Jam the Bethe
Stranger: Robocop, the , swath wk, and Darth Vader
You: Lo Pan, superman, every mule Power Ranger
Stranger: Bil s Preston and Theodore Logan,
You: Spock, The Rock, Doc Oak, and Hum Hogan
Stranger: an came out of nowhere
You: and they mend chuck More tn he cowboy ass
stranger: t was the b\ oldies( pane the worm ever saw
You: mm Nathans Lookig on W total awe
Stranger: and the raght raged on tor a century
You: many Ives were clawed, but eventualy
Stranger: the champion stood, the rest saw then better
You: Mr Rogers m a bloodstained sweater
Stranger: the e the Uh mate showdown or Immatu Destiny
You: good guys, pad guys, and as far as the eye can see
Stranger: and why one " survive, T wondershy mu be
You: the e the utlimate showdown
Stranger: the e the Immatu showdown
You: the e the Immatu showdown
Stranger: Benny
You: My mend
Stranger: u R AWESOME
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