Your Average 8th Grade Whore (PART 5). Thanks for the support <br /> Credit goes to PrivateRamirez for the first one. I saw it on MemeGenerator and I didn whores pingas chocolate milk LOLWUT
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Your Average 8th Grade Whore (PART 5)

Thanks for the support <br />
Credit goes to PrivateRamirez for the first one. I saw it on MemeGenerator and I didn't know who to credit <br />

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Wear! Both of my last posts
made #1! thank you guys so
much !, And a special thanks
to HGT for giving me some ideas
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Submitted: 06/08/2010
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#122 - bigbootybitches **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Black people always name their kids after things they cant afford. Mercedes, Lexus, Health Insurance.
#207 - myfunnyjunkaccount **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (7 replies)
User avatar #99 - philliyoMLB (06/09/2010) [+] (4 replies)
kevin jonas got married? so whos his husband
User avatar #139 - krumpinthug (06/09/2010) [-] names nick and i have a friend named eric...
#194 - ShortieMegz **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [+] (2 replies)
People like this make me want to vomit. I mean, who doesn't know who Green Day is? I LOVE Green Day!
#189 - alphaomega **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [-]
reposting on my account so that I can keep track of replies and such...the one about the girl getting the whole class detention reminds me of this girl in my summer school english class. it was taught by the chillest teacher ever i had a 98% in that course going into the exam (which was 30% of our final mark). The teacher said that if we all stayed quiet about it, he'd enter the final exam out of 15% so that if we did badly on it it wouldn't affect our mark as much. So of course this girl goes the washroom, calls up her friend and starts blabbing about how she can bomb the exam. the principal overheard, fired the teacher, and marked our average went down to 90%. stupid bitch
#196 - Kif **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [-]
Girl has sex with your boyfriend

User avatar #98 - CrushOrange (06/09/2010) [+] (5 replies)
8th graders use Myspace, Not until High School will they get a Facebook.

#586 - AbuseKittens (06/09/2010) [-]
Act ******* retarded.
Think it's cute.
User avatar #272 - TheUploader (06/09/2010) [-]
Lol i hate these dumb broads. ****** in class today this chick was "yelling" her parents were rich and how she had 3 closets. I told her i dont even had one. She called me a hobo. I called her a.....BIRD BIRD BIRD> BIRD IS THE WORD
User avatar #267 - Raihs (06/09/2010) [-]
Bitch doesn't know Invader Zim or GREEN DAY?! Do i gotta get out this car and choke a bitch?
#147 - HoneyHaley **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #45 - festivejo (06/09/2010) [-]
find someone prettier than her?
not to hard at all
#563 - CCCOMBO **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [-]
Get a D on a test

Rant about being blonde
User avatar #560 - inToxicAsian (06/09/2010) [-]
the quarterback rejects you

have sex with the wide receiver
#274 - Kif **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [-]
Girl has sex with your boyfriend

#155 - scottyummy **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [+] (10 replies)
User avatar #163 to #161 - SavageBAMFx (06/09/2010) [-]
I am sighing. Once again. The correct spelling is, "Mother, You"

And why would you be scared of me? I made no threat to you. And use punctuation, grammar and capitalization please. =)
User avatar #96 - Chocobo (06/09/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Oddly, I know someone who looks like her and acts like your average 8th grade whore.
User avatar #6 - Lawlho (06/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
As a nerd, when dumbass whores ask me questions, I tend to give them the wrong answer (PURPOSEFULLY)...AND THEY ALWAYS BELIEVE ME!
#179 to #6 - FlyingBaconSammich **User deleted account** (06/09/2010) [-]
Next time tell them to draw a whale. THE WHALE IS NEVAR WRONG.
User avatar #132 - YourName (06/09/2010) [-]
Stop being a thumb whore? Maybe?
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