About The Author. Weve all had that one teacher. Kevin Corrigan is a New author, A Solemn Day in a Quiet Poppy Field is his first novel. Kevin doesn‘ t can how
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About The Author

Weve all had that one teacher

Kevin Corrigan is a New author,
A Solemn Day in a Quiet Poppy Field is his
first novel. Kevin doesn‘ t can how many
copies it sells. He considers himself}
success just knowing that it was published,
even though no one else believed in him.
Specifically, Mrs. Morello, his 10th grade
English teacher. who once told him that he
had "a snowballs chance in hell" unbeing
a writer and that she hoped he was
putting more effort into his
homework" than he was "staying awake
during Macbeth."
Kevin Corrigan is a New author,
The Crab Apple Symphony is his second
novel. His thst novel must have sold pretty
well, because he was able to buy a BMW
with all of the money he made. Not bad for
someone who got straight Us in was grade
English class, right Mrs. Morello? Who' s the
lazy, apathetic shake?’ that “couldn' t be
bothered to spend 5 minutes learning the
difference between a soliloquy and a
synonym" ttow? Not Kevin. Kevin is on
the New York Times Best Seller List. Bitch.
was 54/ loo;
Kevin Corrigan is a New author
with a ' ing mansion. He paid for it with
the money he made off his two previous books.
Thins right, he' s written three books. Did I
mention that he wrote them all by himself, with
no help from anyone, especially not Mrs. Morello,
his 10th grade English teacher? That' s not
surprising because shes never written it book.
ever needs help giving students
detention for trying to order at pizza during class,
bed! go to Mrs. Mirella. As for writing books,
he' s he without the help of some 300 pound,
ogre whom, thank you very much.
Minelli is ' bitch
l and an idiot who diesn' t
know what shes talking
about. One time she tried
to have Kevin Corrigan
expelled for coming to class
naked, but now he' s a
if famous novelist, so I guess
she was wrong about that,
like she' s wrong about everything. Tabatha has never
accomplished anything, and she never will. She' s
such a bitch that even her kids and her husband
probably hate her, because no one could love her,
because she' s such a bitch. I hope she dies.
Kevin Corrigan has so
much money from his
books, that new single
person in the world loves,
l that he honestly doom
even think about Mrs.
Morello anymore. They'
released tive movies based
i on his books, and he' s only
released four books, He has better things to do than
waste his time thinking about some dumb high
schoolteacher that thinks shah better than everyone.
as 54/ idol
Kevin Corrigan is a New author,
He' s written five novels, including the wildly
successful Shallow Meadows trilogy.
Kevin would like to dedicate all onhis work
to the late Tabatha Miriam. no wasn' t for
her stem discipline and inspired teaching, he
never would have blossomed into the writer
he is today. Wat in pesos, Mrs. Morello.
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Submitted: 06/08/2010
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this deservs front page. is this orignal?
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ya this was all me not a repost
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