The Video Game Quiz (Part 6). PART 7: /funny_pictures/512338/The+Video+Game+Quiz+Part+7/<br /> Quizzes Update! : /funny_pictures/502018/Quizzes+Update/&lt the Video game test Quiz thing Part six soldier Good Luck Couch potato
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The Video Game Quiz (Part 6)

The Video Game Quiz (Part 6). PART 7: /funny_pictures/512338/The+Video+Game+Quiz+Part+7/<br /> Quizzes Update! : /funny_pictures/502018/Quizzes+Update/&lt

PART 7: /funny_pictures/512338/The+Video+Game+Quiz+Part+7/<br />
Quizzes Update! : /funny_pictures/502018/Quizzes+Update/<br />
Well you decided to come back, i don't blame you. If this gets enough positive feedback, i'll give you another test so you can challenge yourself and see how much of a couch potato you really are!

Official Video Game Quiz'. Part 6
Welcome back soldier, the last quiz did well, so
i decided to give you another challenge. Good
1. What year was Nintendo discovered?
1896 1906 1916
They started
off as a card FAIL
company'. I didn' t think they were that old...
Good Job. The person that suggested that
question was "doctorhax".
2. In which Halo did the prophets know about
Halo 1
Good Job, you
FAIL really know your FAIL
Too Early halo.
Way too late...
That was pretty easy, let' s see if you know you
Call of Duty stuff...
3. In Call of Duty 4, who died in the final
Very sad FAIL
ending... I don' t think you played campaign..
Those questions were from ""
Only 2 left. Good Luck Soldier...
4. What is the name of the main character in
Bioshock 2?
Subject Delta Subject Alpha Subject Beta
Good Job, FAIL
you' re good at You have to get out more lol
Alright Soldier, you made it this far. Final
Question. I just hope you studied...
5. What is the main character' s name in "GTA:
San Andreas"?
PlayStation 'i r.
Tyrone Andre
Nice Job, you
the course...
Come on, don' t tell me you
never played San Andreas...
Good Job soldier, you completed the course
once again, i would give you an award, but
unfortunately you' re in front of a computer... if
this gets enough positive feedback, i' ll give you
another test... don' t forget to study up.
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