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User avatar #233 - frickersticker (06/04/2010) [-]
Wow would you just look at them


They look expensive!
#246 to #233 - ZestyPotato **User deleted account** (06/04/2010) [-]
And just look at those big luscious


wut kind of lipstick does she use?
User avatar #242 to #233 - DesireBros (06/04/2010) [-]
forget the earrings check out that awesome navy blue back drop.
#244 to #242 - OMGWAFFLESLOL **User deleted account** (06/04/2010) [-]
i wonder what kind of conditioner she uses for her hair?
User avatar #245 to #244 - DesireBros (06/04/2010) [-]
From the dryness of her scalp I suspect dove, but who knows it could be pantene.
User avatar #259 to #245 - SirSillyBumFluff (06/04/2010) [-]
Look at those big...


Wait... no...
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