I didn't start the flame war. oh wait...<br /> I'd like to inform all trolls that I'm deleting their comments. 4, ll. lli) odne) g Talk to strangers! You'
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I didn't start the flame war

oh wait...<br />
I'd like to inform all trolls that I'm deleting their comments

4, ll. lli) odne) g Talk to strangers!
You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: I smell bacon _
You: With or without wings?
Stranger: with
stranger:' ) f
You: soo
Stranger: nice to meet a fellow funny junkie
You: who are you?
Stranger: taserpenguin
You: nice to meet you taserpenguin, I' m eroticheezbread
Stranger: chose carefully red or blue }!
You: although blue is my favorite color..
You: wait,_ what does this determine‘?
Stranger: if you wanna be the very best, that no one ever was
You: to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause
Stranger: you will travel across the land, searching far and wide!
You: teach pokemon to understand the power that' s inside!
Stranger: pokemon!
I' ll: -gogotta catch 'em all!
stranger: oh, it' s you and me
You: I know it' s my destiny!
teach me and I' ll teach you
You:( you forgot some, btw)
Stranger: crap! I don' t remember it by heart.
Stranger: if you tell anyone, I' ll scoop your eyes out with a spoon
Stranger: LOL
Stranger: or am l'?
You: oh, I will. I' ll screen cap this.
Strangering ahead, I need to get flamed, I haveno been in years.
What' s that I smell? It' s not bacon.
is that a challenge I smell? Oh
dear, , are you gonna take that?
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Submitted: 06/03/2010
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