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A Few South Park Easter Eggs

Hidden easter e sin South Park
White Token?
Okay, so this is
Token from South
Park. You know,
pretty much the
only black kid.
But is he ALWAYS black?
In Season 1, Episode 4" Big Al' s Big Gay
Boat Ride" during the football game,
you can see Token in the background.
And he' s white. its
definitely Token. Same
hair, same shirt.
In the season l episode "starvin marvin"
the boys are in the office, where Pricipal
Victoria shows them her watch.
ll What time is it?
a little hard to see, I
For those of you who
don' t know, April tth,
is known as a day
for smoking marijuana.
I have some more good Easter eggs that I
have found in South Park, and in other shows
too. I could show them to you..
if I had the right motivation of course. d,
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