Every Man Made Organized Religion Ever!. The Big 3! Christianity is man made. No God would make gay people and be homophobic! Islam is man made. No God would ma
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Every Man Made Organized Religion Ever!

The Big 3!

Christianity is man made.
No God would make gay people and be homophobic!

Islam is man made.
No God would make gay people and be homophobic!

Judaism is man made.
No God would make gay people and be homophobic!

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when ( to gain?
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Submitted: 09/30/2013
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#2 - peachiist (09/30/2013) [+] (23 replies)
#1 - rabidaardvark (09/30/2013) [+] (15 replies)
You say 'man made religion' as if there is any other kind
#3 - koolmoedee (09/30/2013) [+] (35 replies)
#4 to #3 - I Am Monkey (09/30/2013) [-]
That was Benedict XVI. Francis got rid of all that crap.
He replaced the golden throne with a wood chair.
#49 - avatarsarefornoobs Comment deleted by willisteal [+] (6 replies)
#45 - rambearclaw (09/30/2013) [-]
Rev. Lovejoy is a G
Rev. Lovejoy is a G
#108 - vivapinatapro (10/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
OP's face
#134 - kingrui (10/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #10 - chayio (09/30/2013) [+] (17 replies)
Prepare for massive atheist ********* : www.youtube.com/watch?v=90PWFEeRApA
User avatar #60 - flemsdfer ONLINE (10/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Now, I have seen churches do good things with the money they collect. A local church around here has helped me out a few times. Donated lumber for me to build a ramp to get into my house, and later on a plane ticket to go see my brother graduate as a marine.
#153 - deeznutss (10/01/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Euphoric Post OP, was it hard typing the title with the Doritos cheese stains on your hands?
User avatar #78 - durkadurka ONLINE (10/01/2013) [+] (6 replies)
Because you know, those priests an nuns are just pocketing all of that money.

You want to look for corruption and waste, check out your government first.
#111 - zenet (10/01/2013) [-]
Another post about religion...here we go again...
User avatar #165 - levelninetynine (10/01/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Debating religion is probably one of the most pointless things people do.
User avatar #166 to #165 - sepheroth (10/01/2013) [-]
Second only to posting on Funnyjunk.
#156 - gladiuss (10/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Atheism is man made.
Atheism is man made.
#145 - slowbroking (10/01/2013) [-]
>Every Man Made Organized Religion

I guess some religions were created by ******* dogs?
User avatar #9 - mankey (09/30/2013) [+] (7 replies)
A religion is like a man and his penis. It's alright to have one, as long as you don't go waving it around in public and trying to shove it down my throat.
#26 to #19 - kommandantvideo (09/30/2013) [-]
Anonymous I think
#53 - Womens Study Major (10/01/2013) [+] (6 replies)
religion is a cancer that we need to cure this planet from
User avatar #70 to #53 - bladebites (10/01/2013) [-]
So is bitter resentment.
#112 - gfisbetter (10/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
... but every religion is man-made.
User avatar #89 - acidreign (10/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
For anyone that's interested, there is a television show that documents the lives of very rich preachers in Beverly Hills. I imagine the majority of the time spent will be them awkwardly avoiding the fact that they take the church-goers donations and spend them on themselves.

New Reality Show About Rich Pastors
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