So found this while on a walk. Went on a walk and found this, a new food truck (currently under reno) that has a menu 100% bacon! And no, not in America, im Can
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Except Canadian bacon is just ham so it doesn't count

Nice try Canada, but you'll never outfat us, no matter how hard you try.
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Canadian Bacon" is a term coined in the US for the trade of Back Bacon, which is just a different section of pork.

In Canada itself, they still generally call what Americans call bacon...bacon, or occasionally "side bacon". They just refer to "Canadian Bacon" as back bacon.

If you wanna get technical, bacon and ham are just pork. It's about how it's prepared (through salt curing/brining) that really makes it bacon.

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Canadian Bacon is known as Back Bacon or Peameal Bacon and is found on the BACK of the pig aka cut 7 on this diagram.
HAM is the rear legs or 13.
Strip Bacon or normal bacon as some would say, is found on the belly, or sections 10 & 12 on this image.

Source: 2 years of culinary school
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Alright internet
I get it now
Bacon is great
You don't need to remind me every visit.
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if your saying that then you obviously havent had enough bacon.
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Hey bacon is amazing, dont get me wrong
But the "OMFG bacon lattice around a cup? Bacon ftw!! LELELEL"
is getting old

Why not give ham a go? fun to say and fun to eat!
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There's a mac&cheese food truck that stops my work to get their propane tank filled. Their food is so ******* good...

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For those in the area that wanna try them.
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9/10 would eat out
9/10 would eat out
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I saw this truck in Hamilton recently actually... hahaha what are the odds.
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Yeah I had some food from their booth at the CNE last year. Good food but extremely overpriced
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oh wow
its in Toronto as a truck, and apparently are expanding. i saw this truck in the plaza where my corner store is, as you can see no menu or prices..hope their prices are lower than that.
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You are from toronto as well?
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an hour or so away
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