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User avatar #42 - chiktikkavaspaus
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(09/29/2013) [-]
I prefer iPhones. I just like the layout and design. Partially why I like it is because it's simple. I'm not one of those people who shells out $600 every 6 months because they haven't gotten their upgrade discount just to get the new S model, I'm fine with my iPhone 4 until it's time to upgrade. Only reason I'm actually upgrading is because I dropped my phone in water and I'd rather upgrade than repair it. (Still works, just no wi-fi or facetime).

Want an iPhone? Buy one.
Want a Droid? Buy one.
Want a Nokia? Buy one and conquer the world.
User avatar #287 to #42 - insaneguy
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(10/01/2013) [-]
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ACTUAL phone waterproofing services.
#232 to #42 - vahid
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(09/29/2013) [-]
What many, way too many people fail to realize is how much an Iphone is really worth. You buy a Iphone 4s for about 600 bucks or less and you can sell it for half of that or even more! Iphones do not really depreciate at all. You pay a lot up front, yes, but what do you get for that money? One of the best phones on the market aswell as a solid money maker if you want to switch or upgrade to a newer Phone.

Just to put it in a perspective, a used Iphone 4s nets you a used Galaxy S4.

Think about that for a minute.
User avatar #197 to #42 - tekoronia
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(09/29/2013) [-]
Thank you for saying this! I totally agree with you on the design, and I'm getting a new iphone when the new ones are out in my country (haven't decided if I want 5c or 5s). My old one is an almost 4 year old iphone 3gs where the only button that works is the home button.
#89 to #42 - dixten
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(09/29/2013) [-]
Don't worry, once you upgrade, your new iPhone will be waterproof!
User avatar #76 to #42 - bitofacunt
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(09/29/2013) [-]
Take it that you didnt get the new iOS7 update then, otherwise your phone would have been fine
User avatar #292 to #76 - chiktikkavaspaus
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(10/02/2013) [-]
Oh wow, I'm retarded. I only now realized you were referencing the "waterproof" update...
User avatar #282 to #76 - chiktikkavaspaus
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(09/30/2013) [-]
I did get iOS 7, but it didn't fix anything with my wifi or facetime.