Retail. . Rana TIM" ugh. f it the mast an-: ura he picture l' etg the retail‘ !. We had to close the grocery store where I work at 2hrs earlier one night so the floor could be re-waxed. So we out a sign on the door 2 weeks in advanced statin
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#10 - caterpi (09/28/2013) [+] (2 replies)
We had to close the grocery store where I work at 2hrs earlier one night so the floor could be re-waxed. So we out a sign on the door 2 weeks in advanced stating the store would be closed on that day. So the day rolls around and its 5 minutes past the time when the store had closed and a guy comes to the door and stands there open mouthed just staring in. He starts to shake the door, I notice him and point to the sign saying the store was closed. He stares at the sign for 30 seconds and goes back to shaking the door. I open it open and tell him that we were closed and he says, "So I can't get anything?" I said, "No, we're closed." He stares at me for 10 seconds then hobbles back to his car. MFW
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User avatar #15 to #12 - tdogmeds (09/28/2013) [-]
User avatar #27 - foelkera (09/28/2013) [+] (11 replies)
>Work ****** job at ***********
>Power goes out
>Close restaurant, throw away everything, can't remake anything until power comes on
>Put up signs telling people we're closed
>Mennonite family pull up into drive thru
>Waits a few minutes, drives around to parking space
>Walk up to door, read sign
>Attempt to open doors (they're locked)
>Knock on windows
>Yell at me + other workers for 20 minutes
**** mennonites
User avatar #31 to #27 - hates (09/28/2013) [-]
"The sign says closed but if we pound on the doors long enough they'll reopen just for us."
User avatar #38 - mattdoggy (09/28/2013) [+] (4 replies)
>come in to store at 3 and work until 8 as i signed up for and enjoyed it
>"hey derp, can you stay an extra hour to cover the registers for us"
>"uh....sure. if ya'll need me i got your backs"
>work the extra 50 minutes and go to wipe my register down
>as i am cleaning a metal grate pimp slaps me across the face
>it is a dark ham planet with her mouth open and a racal full of groceries
>"yuh gun rung dus upen hur furmeh"
>"oh i'm sorry ma'am but i'm actually closing up right now sorry, they can help you at.."
>"no i ain walkun over nowhur, yougun gemme righ hur"
> **************************
>"...sure ma'am, i'll open up for you real quick"
>i set the closed sign back up behind her and go to check her out
>i will get some good karma for this probably, she maybe just needs .
>i look up and see a man removing the closed sign and setting it on the ground and 2 other customers with full buggies file in behind him
>(we really need another plague)
>i ask him to put it back up and he says after i check him out
>[rages internally]
>"sir i am suppose to be leaving i will get in trouble if i got over hours and"
>"i don't care just get me rung up here"
>(i'll rung you up from a tree no he was white, you racist )
>i decided to use my trap card
>*kicks plug*
>"oh sorry sir my register just shut off for some mysterious reason, i'm afraid i can't help you. Have a nice day!"
User avatar #43 - CampenCarl (09/28/2013) [+] (4 replies)
>Working at the restaurant one night
>About 5 minutes to close
>Wrapping up stock and cleaning down for the night
>Man walks in and asks the waitress
>"When do you guys close?"
>"At 10"
>Guy asks for the time
>She tells him 9:55
>Comes in and tells me there's a table
>This close to closing time I think he'll order something small like a salad or something deep fried
>Mother ****** wanted an extra well done tenderloin
>Half hour long to cook
>Have to take out everything again
>Leave around 11 after re-cleaning and putting stuff away again
>Smug ****** doesn't even leave a tip after his 30 something dollar meal and two bottles of wine
#1 - rikter (09/28/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I prefer Clerks, but whatever floats your canoe down the stream.
I prefer Clerks, but whatever floats your canoe down the stream.
#22 - scytherkris (09/28/2013) [-]
>Serving people on till
>Get told I can go on break
>Put up closed sign and finish serving last customer
>Old woman walks up to my till, puts big ass basket on counter and stands there looking at me
>I tell her I can't serve her and that she'll have to go to another till
"Oh, I didn't realise, you should've put up a sign or something"
#18 - include (09/28/2013) [+] (11 replies)
Everyone has interesting retail stories while I have none.

You guys have interesting lives.
#26 to #18 - cplkoeksuster (09/28/2013) [-]
Or you don't have to deal with ******** . You're lucky, I'd reckon.
#48 - saltyfries (09/28/2013) [-]
>working at department store   
>power goes out   
>no systems, lights, anything   
>can't serve people   
>people still keep coming   
>have to tell them no power   
>one lady goes in   
>tell her power is out   
>she ignores   
>comes back out and says,"you didn't tell me it was that dark!"   
>working at department store
>power goes out
>no systems, lights, anything
>can't serve people
>people still keep coming
>have to tell them no power
>one lady goes in
>tell her power is out
>she ignores
>comes back out and says,"you didn't tell me it was that dark!"
#129 - fuckoatmeal (09/29/2013) [+] (4 replies)
** *********** rolled a random image posted in comment #3730598 at Friendly ** mfw people can't read signs
#71 - darcabyss (09/28/2013) [+] (3 replies)
> Working at Wal Mart as cashier
> Last five minutes of shift, cleaning up area
> Lady with basket walks up and asks if I'm open
> Think to myself, "Light on means I'm open" for about the fortieth time today
> Say yes and move to log in
> See her wave somebody over
> Man with cart full of groceries joins her
> Quickly put lane closed sign and shut off light
> Proceed to check out over 100 items
> Couple try to pay with debit, not enough money.
> Pick out food to leave out, mostly meat and refrigerated products
> Double guess themselves constantly, putting things back and taking them off again
> Tired and frustrated, but remaining calm
> Finally pay, with more than enough cash to pay for the original amount
> Wish them a good night as I put $50-60 worth of now worthless food
> Young man putting items on belt
> "Sir, I'm closing this register. May I ask you to go to another register?"
> "You were just standing there, so I figured I'd give you some work."
> I hated that job, but not as much as the occasional assholes who game there.
User avatar #70 - Brass (09/28/2013) [-]
>Be sixteen working as cashier at a Food Lion (grocery store chain).
>In charge of express check out, twelve items or less.
>Usually allow up to twenty items if not busy.
>Women comes over with a full buggy, at least forty items.
>Inform her she will have to go to a regular check out line.
>Informs me that she is not moving.
>I tell her I will not check out her groceries.
>Woman demands to see my manager.
>Since I am in trouble anyway, might as well go big.
>Over the loudspeaker: "There is a disgruntled customer in the express lane. Need manager assistance."
>Manager comes over and women yells at me and manager.
>Boss tells me to ring up items.
>Ring up items and bag in record time.
>Women leaves and informs me that she will be contacting my superiors, whoever that might be in life.
>Manager tells me not to worry and she will cover for me if management calls.
>Feel a little less raging.
>Go back to cashier and next guy says he was sorry I had to deal with that woman.
>Tell him it is not a big deal, since the store is next to a projects, pretty common.
>Man gives me a card and says he is a juvenile defense lawyer and he will represent me for free if she becomes a problem.
>Life is good.
>Never got fired, but I still have his card despite being in college.
User avatar #9 - gibroner ONLINE (09/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I work in a Deli and we shut down the last slicer at 9:45 one night some dude comes in at 9:40 and orders 2 pounds of pepperoni... I don't know if you have any idea how long it takes to cut 2 pounds of pepperoni but it takes a long ******* time
User avatar #37 - phantomprincess (09/28/2013) [-]
i work at a car wash and when something inside the tunnel breaks like a brush or something we put up a sign saying "closed for maintenance". this chick pulls up and honks. "are you open?" i say "no sorry, a hydraulic hose burst and is spraying slimey green oil all over everything and we have to fix it before anyone else can go through" she stares at me for a second and says "so... can i go through?"
#138 - batwill **User deleted account** (09/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Okay, I may as well share a piece of my foodservice experience:
>be me, working summer job as pizza delivery guy.
>about an hour till the store closes
>get order for a house in a nearby unincorporated hick town
> ******** of a couple hundred people, mostly white trash, meth heads, drunks, and generally unsavory types
>wait till food gets ready, load it in my car, drive out
>a storm just passed by, air is nice and cool out now, sweet-ass cloud lightning still going on above me
>arrive at New **************
>I've always hated delivering there because it's not a part of any actual town, so none of the addresses or streets make coherent sense.
>spend way too long trying to find this bitch to give her the food
>maybe have found the address I'm looking for?
>house is dilapidated, tall grass, no access to front door, lightning in the background, 2/10
>terrified, I get out, and try to find a way to a door
>calling for someone to come get their food
>dogs barking and rattling chains out back
>something falls off the house
>get back in car
#140 to #138 - batwill **User deleted account** (09/29/2013) [-]
>call phone number on the order
>"this number is not in service"
>call my store to ask the manager what to do
>gives me new number, which I call afterwards
>pissed off bitch gives me directions to her house
>she says she saw me doing burnouts in her neighbors yard while looking for her house
>["lolwut? in my Buick"s internally]
>give her food and her total
>she flips **** because she claims I'm overcharging her
>wait for her to get more money from inside
>doesn't get tipped
>drive back to store in time to close
>manager says she called every five minutes after she ordered to ask what's taking so long
>says that she said she saw me doing burnouts/donuts in her neighbor's yard
>says she asked if I was mentally retarded and that they shouldn't hire people who probably can't finish high school
>says that the bitch orders all the time and pulls **** like this and that I can go ahead and clock off
>MFW her
User avatar #144 - marmanator (09/29/2013) [-]
>Be working at stop and shop
>it's late and i'm closing my register
>some drunk cunt decides that my light being shut off 5 minutes ago means i'm open
>note that i'm a minor and cannot work past certain hours or else the company gets fined
>she walks up ******* hobbling to my register
>"miss i'm closed"
>"no yur nat yur lite was juss on"
>"no miss my light was off before you came on my line"
>"miss i'm sorry but i have to leave"
>"miss i'm closed"
>she hobbles off to another register
>i clean my belt and punch out
>leave and she's still there
> ************** .jpg
>find out next day that the bitch stayed in the store for like 20 minutes after i left and ranted about how i was a bad worker
this is why i hate people
User avatar #106 - supamonkey (09/29/2013) [+] (2 replies)
>On closing shift at service station one night.
>Closing at 2100.
>No-one around at 2050, decide to start closing slowly.
>Lock up cigarettes.
>Car pulls up. Driver needs new car battery.
>Kids in the car, need it to get home.
>Help the guy choose a battery.
>Goes to fit it. 2055.
>Not the right one, terminals wrong way around.
>Find another one.
>Turn off petrol pumps but otherwise stay open for this guy.
>Wild customers appear. Line of four.
>All only want drinks and chocolate from the shop so no big deal.
>Now at least 2105.
>Guy who needed new battery now gone.
>Last customer in line.
>Wants cigarettes (people who come in and only want cigs and pay with a $50 are the bane of my existence).
>"Can't do cigs mate, I've locked them up"
>"Well unlock them"
>"I should have closed ten minutes ago mate, I'm going to be late home tonight but if you want drinks that's cool."
>"I want a packet of [cancer sticks brand] gold 30's"
>"I'm not doing cigarettes"
>Proceeds to swear at me something fierce and leaves.
>Moral of the story: Karma's a bitch; try to be nice get good karma, rewarded with dickhead customer.
User avatar #78 - Mojomoody (09/28/2013) [+] (7 replies)
**Mojomoody rolled user joehaldeman ** fight me IRL!
#176 - deathbyseth (09/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
> Item doesn't scan correctly the first time
> Customer looks up
>"Ma'am don't."
>Cruel smile across her face
>"Ma'am please, no. Not today! PLEASE."
>"But child!" She says
> Tears form, as you know what's coming next.
>"That must mean... ITS FREE!"

> HAHAHAH̗͎̣̘A̷̟̤͛́ͦͫ͊H̠͂͆̉̏À̉҉̹̗Hͥ ̸̥̜̯ͫ̓ͬA͆̇̂́H͎͕͔̣ͦͬ̀͛ͬ̿̅͘͞Aͦ̐̐̉͘ ͕H̘̤͕̲̏̓̅Ạ̸̮̎Ḣ̑́͐́̀Ạ̟̅́ͨ͢͝H̕ ͔̥̘̮̱̲A̲͎̜͕̤͝Ḩ̱̱̜̠͖̱͕̹͘͘A͞҉ ̗̥̪H̲̜̠͎͎̦͔̣A͞҉̮̘̗̯̗̦̟̤̮H̃ͬ ̧̪̠͈͈̤̱̟̯͎͌̽ͤ̀̕͡Ḁ̵̓̋ͦ̽͆̄͑̆̒͊̈́̊̅̍͞ ̥̤͎̦̗H̅̃̇ͮͬ͑̕҉̭͖͕̟̥̤̮̣͞͞A̎̽ͥͤ̽̀̊ ̡̹ͯ̚̕H̷̨̭͖̦ͭ̎͊̐ͤͣ̋͋ͭ͋͛̈̐ͫͥ̚͞ ̯Ą͔̯̔ͭ̉̈̄̒̈́̐͂̅̍͢͝
#174 - dabadger (09/29/2013) [-]
Second day at Lens Crafters yesterday.

>Lady came in throwing a fit because we gave her polarized poly carbonate lenses.
>She says that she has an issue with polarized AND poly carbonate
>Says it gives her headaches n **** .
>Demands that manager puts back the old lenses that she requested to be thrown away
>Manager goes digging through the trash
>Finds em.
> The internal rage of my manager when the ladies original lenses were polarized poly carbonate.
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