Birthday expectations. . BIRTH DAY What eberyone really, secretly expects on their birthday versus what they actually get. What You Expect What You Get You' re
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Birthday expectations

What eberyone really, secretly expects on their
birthday versus what they actually get.
What You Expect What You Get
You' re awakened by the delicious Your ht other
ere me of a breakfast freshly remembers its your birthday.
prepared by your significant
other, who has been toiling since
dawn in the kitchen.
Your buss emails and tells you to
ta the day off because your
birthday only comes once at year
and dammit, yours worth it.
You spend a perfectly may day A few people at work notice it' s
off tucked away in your bathrobe your birthday on Facebook and
with hot chocolates prodded by a say "Hey, happy birthday."
string of visiting friends, ail of
whom left work to new but with
you, and a Wronger More
marathon on TV.
You weenie a arise from your
favorite relative, who spared he
as pause to surprise you by flying
across the country and giving
Youve given a card signed by
eberyone in the office.
You dissever you lost five
pounds by accident, probably
from that time you went to the
gym last month.
You enjoy a sumptuous dinner
in a hot air balloon as the sun
sets behind the beautiful skyline,
end your significant ether looks
deep one your eyes and tells you
you' re incredible and they don' t
deserve you.
Wu get to pick where you and
your significant ether go out to
dinner, and you both try more
hard to get along.
You' re surprised by an actually There are no surprises,
amazing surprise party with because your siglo vaguely
everyone you like No ens you remembers you mentioning
don' t really like that much could you dent like them.
make it, but they get invited.
so you for that.
l hays entering. the have regular sex
innate birthday sex. that happens to take place on
your birth day.
At midnight, an announcement
is made that your birthday will
be celebrated for a full month
this year.
mull I
You get as Facebewk well You get as Face book wall
posts from pa opts you can' t posts from people you can' t
quite piece. quite place,
friends have posted on your 58 friends have posted on your
timeline for your birthday. timeline for your birthday.
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User avatar #2 - dissectedtesticle (09/28/2013) [-]
i just hope for the gift to be there.
#1 - anonymous (09/28/2013) [-]
perfectly happy that ppl know i exist, y ask more?
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