tfw no significant other. Try and listen to the lyrics as well, he says stuff like: 'Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven.' Here is the link to the son

tfw no significant other

Try and listen to the lyrics as well, he says stuff like: 'Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven.'

Here is the link to the song you need to listen to with the post:

Here is a link to the image:

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I was having a discussion last night with my father, and I just felt this stuff was heart wrenching **** . He works in a hospital and he just got thinking about the stuff he hears and sees, which inspired me to make this. Take a moment to phone your mum today, or take her out if she is old and lonely. Soon you won't see her ever again and you will beat yourself up.

Does she have a garden/like to have one? Take her to a garden centre, grab some plants she likes, maybe a patio chair and a bird feeder, and make something for her to sit and watch. Grab a coffee or whatever whilst you're at it.

Just take some time to spend your time on others who will greatly appreciate it.

Im not asking for thumbs, just to share this message.

Note that it's winter soon so you might want to do something other than garden stuff, as that is more spring/summer stuff. Take her shopping/See a movie/Get her a pet cat (From a shelter) if appropriate. Just something that will make her day.

OC again guys. Have a good day.

Did you know Eric Clapton had a son named Conor who died at the age of 4/ 5 after falling
out the waneer of a New York hotel 53 storeys high. His dad, Eric Clapton wrote the enng
Tears in Heaven' as a tribute to his em. and to help him through his stage of grief.
Now think. When you hear a doctor my Contact the loved ones,' what does that mean?
e a phrase used all too often. Imagine having ene person in your life _. that
you lease and you adore, that person that yeu leek forward to seeing in the evening after
a long day That one person you made amazing memories with. Now imagine them .
Think about phoning a wife or husband to tell them that their partner is longer here en
this planet to share amazing moments with. Hew will they feel.
This is Eric Clapton with his aen.
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