Fun thing to do with towels. This will piss the people in the house off.. THE ULTIMATE .. FOLDING Many cruise ships and hotels will present you with a clever pi
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Fun thing to do with towels

This will piss the people in the house off.

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Many cruise ships and hotels will present you with a
clever piece of towel origami
each time your room is cleaned.
Here' s a quick guide for replicating those quirky towel animals.
You‘ ll need: 1 bath towel.
You' ll nee . bath towel, I wash» nth, I clothes hanger, 2 clothes pins.
towel firm Roll both ties until they Fold the towel in half, keeping
landscape" meet in the middle. the rounded sides facing out.
Lay the towel down Find e four corners Pull the upper and
with the circles in each urcle and expose corners to the left, and the
facing you. them slightly. upper and corners
to the right.
New take your wash cloth;
fold corner to corner to make
Fold the resulting square
in half.
The body is ready. Hang it _ _
from a clothes hanger using ...then fold the sides into the
clothes pins. "‘idd'
Open the folded end and pull it over the corners. Peace the head “Mean
Hem‘ the new the arms of the body a
You' ll need 1 hand towel, 1 bath towel.
Lay the towel flat Fold both sides of your towel, Now roll both sides until they
in a "landscape" lengthwise, into the middle meet in the middle.
Fold firmly in half. Stand it up and push down Take your ; fold the
on the top to Witt‘. top two corners towards the
middle, forming a triangle
Roll the right side diagonally 44 then the left side to meet Turn it over
itin the middle.
Under the two corners Keep pinching the cuff _,')'
sticking up, fold down the cuff while turning the ears Place the head on the body,
and pinch it at the back inside out and than an elephant!
You I need I hand tower, 1 basstower.
Lay the towel fir. r, Fold both sides, Repeat, leaving Ra the open mm
in a vertical into a third of the
orientation. the middle. towel open.
it A
Find the corners either side of Fold the other end Fold again
the roll and pull them out in a halfway to make the shell.
twisting motion. curling them towards the roll. And that' s a crab!
into a crab claw shape.
You' ll need: 1 hand towel, 1
TOWEL ' rs
You' ll needa bath towel.
Lay the towel [trm Fold two corners diagonally Fold the closest end to the
in a "landscape" into the middle. middle.
Roll the closest end until you Keeping your hands on either Lay down, fold the tip down
have a sausage. side, twist the bottom around to make the head and enjoy
itself and then tuck the end your snake.
into the resulting loop.
Swan -WWW
Monkey 7 wwy . com
Elephant 7 wwy. corn
Crab 7 WWW
Mouse -vvsw_ corn
Snake 7 wwy corn
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