Cuz, canada.. The royal anthem... canada Gia: I ale Dis Shizno Gia: I ale De News oogle - " all fall matches who wanna find I Follow @ Canada fail . From , than canada

Cuz, canada.

The royal anthem..

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Gia: I ale Dis Shizno Gia: I ale De News
oogle - " all fall matches who wanna find
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Canada fail .
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For other uses, peep Canada (disambiguation).
Canada //.).. .. tr. . y.:. l. a.)../ be lil ghetto up in Uptown The Ghetto consisted of IO provinces n' 3 territories. Located up in the
northern part of the continent, it extend: from the Atlantic ta the Pacific n' northward the **** into the Arctic Ocean- I aint talkin' bout Canada
chicken n' gravy biatch ' real:_ At 198 bazillion square kilometer up in total, Canada is the ghetto: ghetto
area, n' its common border wit the United Hood: is the ghetto: longest lend border shared by the same two countries.
land dat is now Canada has been inhabited ' millennia by various Aboriginal gangsta people: up in the late 15th century,
British n' French colonial expeditions explored, n' later settled, the region: Atlantic coast. Frizzle ceded nearly all of its colonies up in Flag
Uptown The Ghetto ta the United up in aim the French n' Indian War, which was essentially the Uptown Gangsta
theatre of the Seven Years" War. population grew steadily up in subsequent decades, the territory was explored n' self-
governing Crown Colonies was established. Y' all KNOW dat **** , *********** On July l, , three colonies federated, farmin
dominion which established Canada. This ****** started a expansion ofthe Canadian territory-
Motto: "A Mari Asque Ad Mare" (Latin)
From Sea ta Sea"
Anthem:" Canada"
Royal anthem: "Dogg Sage the "
Canada be parliamentary democracy n' a constipation izzle monarchy, wit Elizabeth Pt II as its head of state. De ghetto v,,,. ---".-.'"-.-.--...,
is officially bilingual all up in the federal level. Well shim, it is one ofthe ghetto: most ethnically diverse n' multicultural nations, the thang ..," . .' '3" C_‘\. x
of immigration from , wit a population of approximately 35 bazillion a: of 2013. Its advanced economy:: is one . . . . . tr..", '.. i. r-..). ias,
ofthe flattest up in the ghetto, reelin upon its abundant natural resources n' trade networks. Canada: long " . . 's. . i f. "':\
complex relation shizzle wit the United Hood: has had a dope impact on its economy, culture, n' identity. '. . ._ . ".:''r
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