Joke.. . whose ready for is monday morning joke gun? E M minutes ago we Facebookers Blackberry. Comment Like sh 7 people like his r 3? knock knock... 23 minutes funny facebook GIF joke new Cars Crash gta black fire Pokemon games Money lol annoying
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whose ready for is monday morning joke gun?
E M minutes ago we Facebookers Blackberry. Comment Like
sh 7 people like his
r 3? knock knock...
23 minutes ago _ We
Trish Stu...
23 minutes we - Like‘ 1
Ease] whose there?
es we Uke
David Jon hi. Stu, come on in. it' s been a while. What
brings you round this way?
23 minutes ago T like . :64
David - Just passing by, huh? Cool, cool. Just as may
as Sarah didnt kick you out ofthe house, ha ha!
22 minutes ago - like
stats awry ‘
22 minutes ago Like
Devi ", ii. she did? Man, I am so sorry, I was Just
kidding. What the ha happened?
22 minutes
some '
20 minutes ago _ like
Tim - mod
20 minutes ago T Like V
mug E wmm a second, Stu, I think! hear someone at
the door. " go get rid of than I' m sure ies Just a salesman...
19 minutes we _ Like
mm - Hells, can I help you?
19 minutes ago T Like
Tim to rm batman
19 minutes ago i like .
Steve ., ‘rim an encourage him!!
18 minute ago _ Uh
ITS' heck; the raped crusader! What are
18 minutes ago _ like
Tim I' m an the and assayer, I' m batman with a
We h'. rm here to get rid of your bats.
17 minutes ago - Uke. 2
David gr ‘Jon, I see. Still, it seems weird you' d show up in
a bat costume ifyou' re only in pest (mud. I mean you dont
see regular exterminates fornicate houses dressed like giant
wood line.
17 minutes ago _ like
16 minutes ago like . A I
run - right; youve got me, I' m not in pest control...
I' m here to on
minutes ago _ Like
David - Stu, do you know this guy?
16 minutes ago T like
15 minutes ago _ we
Tim C, Why are you trying, Stu? Did you do it? Did
you tira/ give her?
15 minutes ago _ Like
David jun a second, are you Mom?
15 minutes ago _ Like
Tim 1 Yes... we' re lovers.
12 minutes ago _ Uke . sth 10
Steve a seriously Tim fill
12 minutes 390 _ like .
novia mail, that explains my Sarah kicked you out.
12 minutes we _ like
David E: Doesnt realty explain the Batman costume
11 mm es ago _ like
t Tim Little 'b', and take it up with head alike.
minutes we _ Like
Tint o '
what we wanted. Mm Sarah gone we an really be together
I I minutes ago _ like
Danny I
11 minutesago _ Uke. 02
uni: mm heaven' s sake, who is this now?
10 minutes ago _ we
ago V like
Ariana i -
ago T like-: 05
WNW my name is Detective Inspector 1%
and I' m investigating a very serials matter. You see was
been, a murder
9 minutes we Like
Stater- OFF?!
9 minutes ago _ like
9 minutes ago _ we
Tim who batmane (lime 'b')
9 minutes ago _ like . no 11
David -
here for your medic friend my there.
is minutes ago _ like
Show _ you dont stop right new in the
ht of u
mminutes ago _ Like
Tim - an liking where this is going...)
8 minutes ago _ like
please puma: I Elysee
them, I' m you for the bloody murder of tour wife,
Sarah. mother words... IRISH STU IN THE NAME OF TIE MW
7 minutes ago _ we . A 13
l Tim e POW!
7 minutes we _ Like' 2
7 minutes we _ Like . eh I
Show _ Sum ll a gall-‘ IAI
7 minutes ago _ like
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