the feels man. the feels. found this a while back. now enjoy the feels.. File :12250_ 51657. jpg-( 79 KB, 440x330, sad vader. jpg) I‘ Annymous 10/ MME( Sun) 16: feels gaming Friends death
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the feels man. the feels

found this a while back. now enjoy the feels.

File :12250_ 51657. jpg-( 79 KB, 440x330, sad vader. jpg)
I‘ Annymous 10/ MME( Sun) 16: 07 No. 21898007
Wye Manly Tears thread.
When I was young, I had a best friend. We would hang out all the time, and wary time we saw each other at
school, we' d talk about was games a let. We both had eur specialties; Iwas a Puzzle/ Adventureland, Legend Of
Esme games wept in terror as I played, I wasjust tee smart. My friend was the trigger happy Shooter guy. It was
like he had a mechanical sharpshooting eye that replaced his REAL eye. I dent care ifthat sounds nerdy, I always
thaught it was true. came out, and when we were tipped it was a genre, we yawed
to help each the game. We did, and we had such a blast, we promised we would try to find a game like
this wary year.
Time passed, we found ene wary year er SC). We turned CIO, and he left twain the army. He would write to me. Then it was the 2 came out. I
wrote back, saying that we were going to play it when he got back.
A month passed, he didnt write back yet. Awaited mere, 2 mere months, until I got a letter. Then, my metherlend me that my best friend' s methebaus waited
by people ofthe Army. I couldnt believe it, and decided to phone her directly about what happened...
She told me he died. I looked at my ceps of 2, unopened, waiting fer my friend. I said what I thaught was appropriate; "lam serry fer yew less... He
was my best friend, and I dent think anyine can replace him..."
She simply seabed at the other end, and I slowly hung up. Iternet to the dusty 2 box, opened it up, stuck it in our)( box, and I beat it. Alone, and when
I did, I put it ways my TV, right next to the photo of me and him tegether, (ii) years age with .
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Submitted: 09/25/2013
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#2 - zallaz (09/25/2013) [-]
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nice story, although sad to read
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