I tried one of my own and... What?. As you can see, using the site ackuna.com/badtranslator, I can input a certain phrase, in this case "Got to love them t
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I tried one of my own and... What?

As you can see, using the site ackuna.com/badtranslator, I can input a certain phrase, in this case "Got to love them titty sprinkles", and it is automatically translated to another language (using certain internet translators that often yield less than accurate results), then back to english x amount of times. Each time the phrase is translated, it becomes a little more distorted, until the sentence becomes completely and utterly lost in translation, hence the sentence "Got to love them titty sprinkles" ending up as "if you want to record". I myself found this to be quite amusing, and decided to share it with the lovely community here at funnyjunk, hoping this amusement would be mutual. Also, if I'm lucky, my everlasting craving for green thumbs inserted into my rectum could hopefully be satisfied for the time being, of course only a convenient benefit of this post. If you liked this post, I strongly encourage you to click the green thumb on the right there, or even the one below this description. However, if you do not, I will not take it personally and we can hopefully carry on with our lives. If, by some cruel joke, you decide to click on the RED thumb, I will take that very personally. very personally indeed. I can see your username. With this small amount of information, I will track you down to your place of residence, break in silently during the night, gently caress your cheek and ask "why? Why would you do this to me?" by this point, tears will be spilling freely from my face as I struggle with my emotions, and a look of utmost grief and despair will be written across my face. Your breath smells like toothpaste as you sit up and look me deeply in the eyes, lips parted slightly, with a single tear rolling down your cheek. "You're not ******* funny" you whisper, and with these gentle words, the last nails of hopelessness, defeat, and emptiness pierce my heart, all warmth departing from my breast. "I... I see" I stammer, before turning toward the window. My silhouette is outlined against the gentle glow of the street lights from outside, and you wonder if you made the right choice. Before you have the chance to call out, however, I depart. You will not see me again. You will live to regret the decision you have made, knowing you can never take it back, but always swallowed in the thought of "What if I hadn't?". But no. All that's in the past. It's time we moved on, the red thumb means nothing to me now. Also wow I capped the description. WOO

Original text:
Got to love them tatty sprinkles"
mi? translations later, Bing gives us:
Yyou want to recurs"
is a Google website that uses to translate, store, and
organize text into various languages using a community.
tor all the .
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#1 - romeosdistress (09/23/2013) [-]
"						****					 me"   
35 translations later:   
"Flour dumplings"   
" **** me"

35 translations later:

"Flour dumplings"

User avatar #2 - meidokun (09/24/2013) [-]
"I just feel like, i would want to eat a giant hotdog"

...35 translations later, Binggives us:

"I think it is sexy."

My english isn't good to begin with
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