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#74 - soccerwheels
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(09/23/2013) [-]
Simmer down Gentlemen and Ladies, It's time to learn some ****.

First off, the chances that Julius Caesar was able to utter much of anything while being stabbed 23 times is slim to none. One stab for each conspirator. It was akin to signing the Declaration of Independence, cept with stabs instead of signatures. They were committing themselves to the treason.

IF he said anything it was not "Et tu, Brute?" (Even you Brutus?)((Latin)), because the common language to speak in was actually Greek (in high society anyway). He wouldve said Kai su, teknon? (You too, my son?) No he was not his son. It's actually the beginning of a death threat that went "You too, my son, will have a taste of power", basically YOURE NEXT ******

Secondly, the were TWO people who could be the aforementioned Brutus.
Marcus Brutus was known as Caesar's friend
Decimus Brutus was Caesar's right hand man and Lieutenant (and was actually in Caesar's 'will' to recieve money and power upon his death)

But the man who must choose between his friend and the Roman Republic is a much better story.

Bam. You learned something.