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User avatar #1 - gwlk (09/22/2013) [-]
This was a fantastic one.
Lee actually made me believe that really was his grandma. Like, I thought it was a joke at first, but when he did what he did, I was was genuinely shocked.
User avatar #7 to #1 - burnswhenipee (09/22/2013) [-]
Do you happen to know the episode number?
User avatar #81 to #7 - gwlk (09/24/2013) [-]
Do ya one better.

8 out of 10 cats does countdown 13.09.2013 HD
User avatar #82 to #81 - burnswhenipee (09/24/2013) [-]
Aww yiss, thanks
User avatar #2 to #1 - babs (09/22/2013) [-]
i know what you mean. and holy ********* jon looked cute in the 80's
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