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"Why?" and "Describe the Universe, give three examples" are my other two favorite impossible test questions.
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Born, live, breed & die...

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shrek is love, shrek is life
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evolution dictates that life changes and accustoms itself to be more perfect. so maybe the meaning of life is to become perfect.
one can take a religious or historical standpoint and see that religion in history is based on making a person more "perfect". either a more perfect warrior or a more perfect person. through means of mind and of muscle.
technology and engineering are also signs of perfection. we are constantly improving our technology. constantly casting aside the old and broken for the new, the shiny, the efficient. we strive for perfection.
take a look at the worlds greatest cities. all pixilated. all in a neat grid. on the largest and smallest scales we strive for perfection. that is what life is. the struggle to become something better.
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