Top Video Game Scare Stories. 2spooky4me. More LIFESIZE whats NATURE most was TECHNOLOGY : rus HUME _ ENTERTAINMENT _ GAMES _ the mum LEGENDS " THE H[ STARY or  creepiest of spookies
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Top Video Game Scare Stories

More LIFESIZE whats NATURE most was TECHNOLOGY : rus
earners have carved they own Independent cums Intros culture
they have that awn stung. rules or etiquette and Everone was is I I. L L R W. I O I
good creepy urban legend aha gamers are no exception This list vs germ to m
you the story or the crappiest uriah TI the history or gammy -
is a game that was supposedly crested try Soviet among company
Karma Corporation in comes av the game were produced t "WI Wm ytpmvs ','; }"°:“ f
between 5. 000 ta some copies) one t was very power among Swim ‘W is p My
gathers. Ytte game A In the sum\/ av horror game You mo to
choose between two characters, a urn or an when The goat av the
who was to mugatu through an coat we wyle demons
and coal monsters As It was hero to navigate the game with an rhyme
character people choose to complete the game with the gtl character
Unfortunately No one ever completed the game with the . because upon
the game on true or t as erased mum your hard awe
In was an unopened copy at the game surfaced on cow were t
was propriety bought var , 000 W a than tram Japan named Yamamoto
ouch; nae promo to document his ovum» won or the game on
Yourube The outty posted was or tom storm at hrs computer
screen and awn;
Squall is near:
my Fantasy VII and VIII are the two panara reasons MI
have he tame to play a rm who without who , Decrese
nothing can compare to them Those two games were ahead or the? the and
featured a or characters. sow ts one av those
characters He vs the than char utter In Final Fantasy VIII, and much Ike the
Pew vs deaf conspiracy theory wow The Beatles, there are many who behave
that Squall is dead as wet
At the end or asc one Squaw vs by on he she o who homo one or the
games than basses, has Squall awakens at the begining or ass two urn no
mums at all tram the battle the no one ever tarn's up that Squaw was Wed It
Is Maty at this point when the game goes horn tasing a hwy realistic fantasy
Same ta nerve an aver the top, fantasy were MI goes out the I
mean a good parrot. arms plot takes Place In outer space t Is game that
actually was Worn his wounds that he suffers his fight Mm Adeg at
the aha or on one The I est or the game ls wavy a dream south Is reaving as
he passes away explain why the game has such a surrealist zone
that my. one. t worth also explain( he collage or Images we see at the (ENG or
the game as Squall' s he clashes before hls eyes Among those maps is a shot
cl Squack without Ii like rust was to the creepy cake.
Luvfriday Syndrome
Back In was the Pokemon Red and Green video games Delighted Gameboy
owners at our the world wen, except Yer In one part av the word
The game was first messed in push an it supposedly correlated Nth a huge
spike In swans: and mass In marsh whom In age from 7 to 12 The
we not tall III or comm mm reaching Lavender town tn the popular
game the game' s score was save to as the source av the In
children The momma tones cl the music caused headaches, nausea and
eventually In young , The masts In the level was
changed more the game was shipped overseas The above cup ls taken tram
the original Japanese ‘arson or the game
Fallout 3 Predict: the more
Fallout 3 ls to vast open would I ole mung game Therefore, t would not m
to hrob that there are the game that many pews View
yet to discover. however. it vs (vowed by some that they have moo
tn the game that may predict the mute
The story goes that the game predicts the mare, In the rear
vane, horse code one hogan messages arthro the games roam stetson
There are stators that broadcast marge code tn the game however, some
cont that you can hear 3 DI on the station at such coptic phrases as
The Queen has we today The wot id mourns. as on am the these we are all
Brits" and “I can‘! Behave Betray' s actuary won an Oscar!" These phrases are
by to serves or humour s In averse Code that can he overposted as
doles Whether or hot the Queen MU the on March 19, 2014 tenths to be
seen. . the company that the game, domes that these Cryptic
rerun stems exist
The some ' vs not a cheeky or the Innat bass outta In the
gane , but ' meant to be taken In the Game the cute
characters essencially perform an abortion In meat to not the final buss. which ls
an oven that wants to destroy the wane
In may to meat the Men G' ggas, the mam characters tram back in
true were owes you be "weaker " What vs creepy Is that when they tr oval
back In Mme to 'alot the weaker , he hots remarkably the a was
The games (realm has all but come out aha we the rm boss name ls an
He has however, that the strong or Earthbound was
inspired by a movie he saw as e we and was traumatise by
caried the Milatary one the so Beauty
Minecraft ls a game that ls t: In its You mug for diferent
materials in a large open wane and use said materials to we structures,
monuments or whatever your creative WING can conserve however. some
players claim that something sinester vs happening In that games
some movers crew to have Velma mysterious structures appearing on their
was others even event to have seen the some to the structures, a
mysterious, version or the games or Theories raga am
the existence or range Item the Ingmar, he is a gush, to the
that Marylynne ts the merry or the who creator's
deceased mother Ntohing, the team Minecraft, as not do much to
the 'ogenki or as In many or the games operates they hit that
one or the Improvements made Is the or Herobrine
trauma Movie's Mask
The who av the haunted Motors s Mask game was oath an the popular web
when A user posted a story about how he a blank
cartridge Nth “Mature: Mask" Mitten across it In black mags marker He
posted photos and mules: who WWY the story that shown us a wasted aha
vermin or one or the most berm/ ed games or all the.
Upon starting the game the user stowed that there was airway to game saved
on the cameos simply {med "Ben " He ignored the save file aha started a new
game one homo that an the rims ( characters) whutt raver to nth
as sen He deleted the "Ben" he and tried to start a new game The can
become more erratic the mars would play backwards and hrs character tween
to be by a statue or the game' s mart character Mm a creepy stale on
its was , the "Barf he returned to the Home, Along Nth It was
another new Ne simply rhea " he twee after the two
Ives Appeared his character would stony as aha creamy messages would
scram across the screen
You' that a terrable rate. havent you?'
Marrowing . aw
The soars Scrolls 3 vs an we and to this day Is
considered to be the best game In the Eur scrum serves by a rut av fans It has
an amine commuinty wha a user s mad the game to coo custom
guests, characters, weapons aha armor Legend has It that there Is a very
creepy one semster moo to Mm l who that ems that COMM potentate drive It
player insane
The moo N st popped up on the a couple at years we and was
orginaly thought to as o Mr's as when you loaded the game Mm the thou your
game worth (reels on the we screen and corrupt an the save oaths has
essentially the game however, t was soon that tr you ran
the game tn . software that allows gamers to play older PC games on
that modern computers, the game would work When the player starts the
game Mm the moo all the than characters Intro name are greedy and Also, f
you stay In one spot var too long your heath would shaway begin to deplete It
you no not on too who a new character mama retest
Players took to callig nth the assassain. He appeared to be c than except hls
was and arms were Iona one bent to ' sheer Players been to hence that f
you no dose the other could see the around corners or
up the wens, out only to and moments Another creepy element
owed to the who was all the characters left Nang woule come owes at night
aha tug stand there When 5 player wank] attempt to Interact Nth one at the
characters they worm soy "Watch the sky." A new ohhohoh was use
the dungeon was what players called the "hall or Donuts _ The hall was
meg ‘Mm mauve names wee the heroes were photos hem the mayors My
Matures may At the aha or the ho was o baked door No one has ever
posted proof that they out howto open the trout, out there are some
stones s obsessed who who to open It, the
modded game var days straight wath very one may some claim alter Icing
hours or among they began to seem: the assassain In run we quckly
ammo on HI " or dram (her hastags as they toot a
bathroom may h out the who As as Hus story saunas, the
creepest Dart Is that this mod does tn tact seem to amt. out t at
your own risk
Bylaw vs to m one or the greatest games who av
gamma in the game you battle an onslaught oi roams It use has one of
gaming' s most has homes In an Otto, was to shove
Berzerk also holds the macabre honor av being the first ween game to
the death or , new son The game would than go an to km a my Inter
but Douay was the rm person to we any Berzerk In 1981 Then Nam
In 1952, a heathy 18 year old named Peter was manna Ber Eerq
withan 15 miutes he was his In to the who vat getting a than
score. tank raw steps may tram the genre and than collapsed
we The causes av death In both cases were ruled as a heart attack
The vacant: or ts closly the oldest myth one nae the honor In
guest starring In an or the Garrisons
mateus was an arcade game that \\/ Seeriously appeared In an arcade In
Farmland, Oregon WV the early the sachet was new except
for the green joystick: the the logo at the top or the thaws The oaths
elements at classic shooters We Tempest, mates use in Pacman and
sparkl humus When played, rt supposably caused to sorts or heath problems
nausea. seizures, headaches, night terrors tho. in
some cases players were reported to comet not long tufter PW:/ lug It
is also said that men dressed " all acct worm be seen messing with the
game leading some to speculate that the ewe was not a wee game out a
government experiment whether or hot ms arcade game ever
actuary existed vs not known
Enterprise Web Hardware
create loyalty By seating Customer wait Demands. see
l and , DAVIDV t
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