2 Girls 1 Cup Essay. Repost but a good read regardless.. are c October f, can (C) Film Review g s can I Cup in the modem work , the feminist genre it reexamined
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2 Girls 1 Cup Essay

Repost but a good read regardless.

are c
October f, can (C)
Film Review g
s can I Cup
in the modem work , the feminist genre it reexamined through a
series d reversals of, , The prevalent ideologies cur culture are filtered
through the lens teethe : and in true modem form - the work tends to ,
raise more quest's than it answers. ? ? "i)
misunderstanding - the 1209 seems as ' : sen of date, yet the aesthetic of the number
lends itself to a futuristic . This blurring of past and future, mixed with the
ofthe acronym primes the audience fer the re cents.
t? The opening image. that of the steadied "MFR Milli" suggests a confusing
The first image with theme primary characters a - n ...' — . s
title, s seemingly - the
lesbian interaction defines the {heat feminine and racial}
within the genre of .
The gentle background mun Iis the audience in sleep, and the timely but gradual
change into the nest thot a (i' ii, bes try largely unnoticed by the audience The eyes are
inversion e? perhaps we cf the most overarching for feminine
spirituality ' tie. snet:; p_ ;.
trash E’
The gentle piano will continue as the cup is suddenly and inimically filled with a
sex‘ " steaming shot of fecal matter feom the was of ear primary character. this way, the
J , derogatory nature of the pornographic genre Emma in a surprising,
if explosive manner. The fecal matter "penetrates" the sacred chalice, which raises a
number of' instresting questions. Many Hf these questions pertains to lesbian sexuality - is
Wt womanly love possible without the masculine grotesque‘? ls the palaeographic genre
doomed lo exist within the realm of humiliating acts, even when the only participants are
tit' an innocuous 2 girls, and 1 cup? The later image of the we characters attempting to kiss
thaugh the feces of the masculine (as well as the literal feces} will eat};
support this metric.
The excited but hesitant tonguing suggests a sen ' apprehension en the can tithe lead
characters, but by 125, any hope for redemption has been test. This mitten : rm playful
tonguing in full fecal happens as suddenely as the transition to the original
dedicatory act - why dc these central thematic happen There is no
dramatic dialogue, neither character gives voice m the greater internal struggles that
surely must precede the decision to culminate amother' t; feces. This central thematic crust is
internalized in both the characters, and thus is obscured this the audience's as
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Submitted: 09/20/2013
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