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The Sun, 19-09-2013, Page 15

Fleet: Stark is now King ofthe Seat Nearest the Deer. .' rce.' Supplied
O O WOMEN bawled over the Red Wedding, but new some are calling
a Game of Th rines star to be castrated for taking up too much
tii) (ll) space en a train.
A viral photo of Richard Madden - aka Robb Stark - reclining and
spreading his legs on the London Tube has really fired up readers ofthe
Men Taking Lip Tee Much Space On the Train website (yes, there really
is such ething}. None ofthem is likely to eggs and a slave
army to march en Westeros, but they have got into the GE spirit of
ruthless bloodshed by calling fer him to be, er, beheaded.
Castrate him. Maybe it would free up some of the space his cm is
desperately trying to take up," said one. We' re sure they meant to say
Oh man, Robb Stark is a subway ?.' Maybe the Red
Wedding was justified after all" wrote another.
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