How to be a Grownup. If you're just starting to live away from Mom and Pop, this is invaluable. Definitely worth a read for anybody else.. Mid “Ellie! Fitr Kill Univeristy Frugality Frugal living Food Shopping
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How to be a Grownup

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How to be a Grownup. If you're just starting to live away from Mom and Pop, this is invaluable. Definitely worth a read for anybody else.. Mid “Ellie! Fitr Kill

If you're just starting to live away from Mom and Pop, this is invaluable. Definitely worth a read for anybody else.

Mid “Ellie! Fitr Kills WIN] Wall! Tait Btt frugal
Wanna 1, tgault ht Ill] “HIE! Sill“ Ttwtt
SHOPPING, Stop } a week, yen dumb faulter.
USE COUPONS, plan meals around 'ern, den' tjust buy feed because they' re on sale though.
Buy according ta price per ounce/ gram. Careful some items aren' t cheaper in bulk,
Frequent cheaper stares midis, Lidia Walmart, Asian market, immigrant stores).
Farmers markets farm season produce.
Don' t be afraid to haggle, at farmers market near closing, at grocery if say lettuce is slightly wilted.
Eel to know your farmers market and grocery workers, They' ll be more likely to help you out, allow haggling, etc.
Buy oil/ soy/ sauce/ cooking wine/ rice, etc at an asian market in bulk fer cheap, legumes/ beans/ strange at immigrant stores
in bulk for cheap.
NC) lathe deli chunter, salad bar, preceeded meals (frozen pizza, microwave meal), snarl, shit, etc. Salad bar is acceptable
for SMALL amounts ta help a dish out (slices of onion, pepper strips, etc).
Buy meat in bulk on sale, divide and store in freezer, invest if deep freezer if we can. This also works with PANDEMIC meat (mad COW,
swine iiu, bird flu) grocery meat is SAFE. Hoard that shit.
Buy spices with price per pound (get like 14 spices for ), or go to indian market for spices with mere spice fer the buck
fiat bag of cumin fer ).
Water. Not milk, seda, . Water. All of these are expensive and any nutritional value can be found elsewhere. Especially milk.
drugstore/ pharmacy "deals". They' re usually verse than grocery markets.
A little bit of quality/ expensive cheese provides much mere flavor per dollar than cheap Kraft cheese.
Alfalfa, lentils, etc, are cheap, nutritious greens.
Weeds outside may be edible veggies; harvest food from a neighbors garden (ask your neighbor); grew basic herbs (cilantro, basil,
rosemary, mint, seamen, parsley) on a windowsill garden.
Because ycn' never made anything and yen cleft knew where ta melting start.
For sandwich choices, try homemade egg salad, tuna salad, grilled cheese, grilled chicken.
Try cooking with mainly tatu/ beans/ seitan, and adding just a bit of mean for flavor/ psychological value.
Mac and cheese seems cheap, but is expensive when we factor in milk/ butter.
baked chicken breasts drizzled with alive oil and spices (i get this savory blend shit from saans club, shit is so cash. no salt or msg)
are awesome fergert about anything. including sandwhiches. get some fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers on that bitch with some
12 grain and BROWN MUSTARD and we got yourselfe sandwhich
See examples below
STAPLE LIST: Because yen keep game] shopping cace fer every melting meal.
Bulk buy rice, potatoes (or dehydrated potatoes), flour, beans (dried or canned), tomate products (crushed, paste, etc), canned veggies,
pasta, tuna, oatmeal, oil, befallen cubes, store brand oats, onions, peanut butter tub. All of these can be used in many ways, beans are
especially cheap and can be eaten as they are.
Moderately buy spices (thyme, rosemary, oregano, cumin, parsley, chili flakes, cumin, coriander, bay, kosher salt, dill, peppercorns,
oregano, basil, mustard, chili, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder)
Mariana cheap whithered wine and wine vinegars.
In general, items that are versatile (have many uses) in cooking, + spices that' ll add variety to make the difference between a bad and
a geed meal.
GENERAL: What, yen need MORE mas?
Nee can be peer without sacrificing flavor, nutrition, or variation,
wwy. . corn look at the "Frugality" section.
google "low cost recipes from scratch" fer for a family of it at .
Nee can trade time fer maney.
Buy and ask fer kitchenware helpful kitchenware, ( a blender/ food processer can save we on precut and products,
crackpot saves leads of time].
food pantries, soup kitchens if yee' re desperate, volenteer at the kitcen ta maybe get extra leftovers. Salvation army is good for
Clean out the work fridge once a month.
EXAMPLES: Put that ta nae, padawan
You are making a big ass batch of soup containing mostly palate products and bits of vegetable scraps. When Paula Dean
makes such a "potato" soup, she would add in copius amounts of milk, butter, cheese and bacon. Ditch all of these. Afterall, we would
rather eat the crispy bauen sparingly as a treat than watch it disappear into a soup! Add dehydrated potato flakes to the soup base of
vegetable stock to add creaminess and substance. Be liberal with the spices, garlic and onions, saute them all first to bring out the flavor.
Add in a mild creamy bean like Great Northern to make the seep significantly more substantial and "eat like a meal." Make biscuits if we
want. Freeze vast quantities fer later.
Exampled: You are having taco nightwish your underageb& friends. When Mama Ortega makes such a meal, she would use vast
amounts of ground beef and serve it with chips, salsa, bean dip, sour cream, leap shredded cheese, and Spanish Rice. Ditch all that
shit. You will use cumin, chili flakes, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, etc to heavily spice up seme beans, rice and canned tomate
products as your taco filler, You will use tortillas from the immigrant store sparingly. Think massive burrito rather than dandy lace. If we
must use cheese, use less than a much of the amount Mama Ortega would smother a taco with. Eat a small amount of lettuce/ salad
with it
Exampled: You are making a sandwich fer lunch. When Jared makes a sandwich, he adds 10 slices of honey roasted deli ham, leap
cheese singles, alive oil based Mayonaise, bakery fresh artisan rye bread, lettuce, tomate and avacado. He eats his sandwich with
some chips, a pickle and Waldorf Fruit Salad. ‘we' re a poor bastard, so we get basically none of that. Remember these immigrant
tortillas from yesterday? That' s your bread. Use seme frozen chicken or immigrant tofu we bought an sale, or make bean fritters as a
filler (sploosh up beans, mix with petite flakes and whatever else we like, pan fry in a spits worth of oil), Cabbage and carrots are in
season and we picked up a bunch at the farmer' s market. Shred them, toss with vinegar, oil, sugar and we have some ems slaw.
Bitches at Panera would pay SSS fer a chicken wrap with coleslaw. ...
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More like "How to be a Jew with food"
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Annnd the comments are funnier than the content.
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Dude, most of this is commonly taught at home.
There's really no "jewing".
Personal economics, man.
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Yeah. Some are good tips others are just being cheap.