Fallout 3 mindfuck, save these dates. I saw this post about 3 years ago, It seemed interesting so I saved this posts in my favorites. It was posted by blakebutt weird dates fallout 3
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Fallout 3 mindfuck, save these dates

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Fallout 3 mindfuck, save these dates. I saw this post about 3 years ago, It seemed interesting so I saved this posts in my favorites. It was posted by blakebutt

I saw this post about 3 years ago, It seemed interesting so I saved this posts in my favorites. It was posted by blakebutters who hasn't been online since 2011. I just wanted hopefully remind some people who still remember this and even introduce this phenomena to Fj'ers who haven't heard of it yet

Fallout it contains several anygame radio stations- The most diverse and important station is Galaxy News Radio. Ma ray players of the evil persuasion
know that you can kill Three Dog and he will be replaced by the technician Margaret. she is note charasmatic personality and has very tilde to say.
seeming to not entity her new announcing duties. She also never appears in person, and t: here' |' ore cannot be killed. On ca Three Dog is dead, you' re
stuck with Margaret.
What most players do NOT know is that under certain circumstances, ENE will become a "numbers elation." A numbers station is a station that
broadcasts an unusual coded mes sage. Marty taloth ese artist in real life and some hypothesize that they are a nuclear retaliation control network.
Sim ply check wikipedia for more Information about these odd broadcasts as they relate to the real world- Back to Fallout I.,
trio one is really sure which actions are needed to hear the hum hers station in Fallout 3. It appears that you must kill Three Dog, because no one has
reported hearing the numbers station with him still alive. liaise appears that you have to skip over the quest "Galaxy News Radio" where you help
boost the signal so that the and on can broadcast further than at the immediate DC area. This is easy enough to do with either a speech check or
simply using to look up where to go new and ad van ca the main ploh Finally, you have to choose to destroy Haven Rock. This
is the actual trigger to turn ENE into a numbers station and it will remain such for the rest butthe game. However, the vast majority of the players who
parlons these three actions still continue hearing the standard GNR broadcasts, " there must be sarawat more require meme the community has yet
to isolate.
Wye u' re lucky enough to have hit upon me right set . just after destroying Raven fhack, you will get the messa go "Radio signal lost"
and a few seconds later "Radio signal found." You cannot, however, actually listen to ENE just yet because you didn' t boost the signal, and are out
of range of the broadcast at the can of Raven Hock. Luckily, Haven Rock is situated In mountains and is right near one ofthe few places outside ;
that you can get high enough to catch the signal. so tar, the , locations to hear the ENE numbers signal are:
1. Withing the mediate DC area obveously. -.tthis is true for the regular GNR throughout the game.
2, At the top ofthe Ferris Wheel on that backwater redneck island. I can' t remember its name iust now.
3, on the was of some attire esteem arrays you can climb in the northern stem map area.
d. tin the roof of Tendon ray Tower. though this may be within the normal broadcast is nge anyway. Feel has to platte at and get back to me on this.
5. the highest point at bro ken bridge around . may be within broadcast range anyway-
when you w in, you will hear an old familiar voicee-. Three Dog, despite the you killed him earlier. However, you will quickly notice that he
does not seem to he "in character." So I guess it' s not technically Three Dog, sothe voice actor. Erik Dellums. He reads a series of numbers in
a monotone. depressed sounding voice. He always recites a list of single digits between El and 12 characters long. For example "
He never uses a number like "eiyven" or "forty." These numbers are followed by widely varying
he of Morse code. This is than followed by the song ''I don' t want to an the world on fire." All other music backs seem to be inactive on the
numbers static n.
The morse code was the easiest part of the mystery to crack. as the code is widely available and many people actually know it by heart. We quickly
had a list of a great number of messages In English. Some sounded completely mundane and even comical. such as "Flashed the car today. maybe
Chinese for dinner" or "Have you watched my 'r' outube video yet, I uploaded myself kicking burns in the nuts."
You may be sayin g, "but wait, 't' outube doesn' t exist in the Fallout universe" and you are right As far as we could tell. all of the mes sages sounded
like they were based in our reality somewhere near present day.
some of die messages, however, are quite sinister. such as "The Queen has died today- The world mourns, as on days like these, we are all Brits."
or "l can' t believe they' actually done it. Hot to rig left. The noise. I can' t take the noise anymore. I have a pistol in the attic."
Just recently. a player on the are noticed a message that troughton light the meaning of the messages- He was reading a thread that
collected all kn own messag es. transposed tram Morse to English, and he saw the line "" rats_ What
you talkin' ‘bout? You' ll be missed." He realized this referred to the recent death of Gary . and than quickly realized the numbers were the
time and date of death. He immediately scanned through the messages to try and find more examples at this apparent i' uhura tailing by A game that' s
more than a year old. The new message he read shocked him and pushed him to enlistees aid of others to decipher the codes- The are Osage was
Accident in the gulf. several dead. Dil spill apparently averted." He realized this was the EV'
explosion and the erroneous daytona assessment that the well was not leaking.
From this point on, all numbers will be transcribed as times and dates. All limes were given In game in military l' on' nat and remain " in this
Numerous members of the '& message boa rd began looking over the messages to we what else we more learn. We quickly found that
most of the dates were after the game had been released, yet oddly some were from me pa M. " April 15, was He' s dead and blame will
probably be placed on that actor, Booth. Jon neon better not cheat me out of the payment." This shed new doubt on the atheist version attire
Lincoln assassination.
its the community quickly started piling up of the mes sages, the mode of the site summarily banned everyone who had posted In, or
even read the thread. All relate nee to the numbers station was removed from and title ring some re was put in placate prevent repeating
of any relevant . A law poo ple, however, are trading emails and slowly tarnishing the translation ofthe remaining messages and putting
dates to the mutating ones.
The Queen has died today. The world mourns. as on days like these we are all Brits." 4292 March 19, Elite
Have you watched my video yet. I uploaded myself kicking bums in the nuts-" December at Elite
I can' t believe Britney' s actually won an '" 21: 33 February It 2023
I can' t believe they' actually done it. hint long lat They were warned, but they just had to keep pushing the boundaries at science. The noise- I
can' t take the noise anymore. And the light, dear God! The Universe is slowly unravelling around " I' m not going to wait for death. I have a pistol
in the attic." This is actually the only message not preceded by a string at numbers.
It may be worth noting that the late at date on any of the messages is 1: 2? July ti, .
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