Caddying In A Nutshell. Never carry another dude's balls and sticks in his own sack.. Hey, Funny Junk, there' s been that "bitch about your job" thing with Mcdi Gold caddy caddie Storytime story Time rich People are Mean Job McDonalds subway Crack

Caddying In A Nutshell

Never carry another dude's balls and sticks in his own sack.

Hey, Funny Junk, there' s been that "bitch about your job" thing with
Mcdisasters and Subway Stories, so I' d figure I' d give it a shot with ****** tales
from my own job. First , don' t steal My kidney.
to work at aam, **** hours, okay tine
re puddin' bags like the slaves we are
Fiinally go downstairs to the "caddyshack" [It' s a ******* dungeon- er, I mean, basement.]
for a few hours until I get called up to go out with Mr. Mustachio, smokin' a cigar like
the rich bastard he is
Leeave the pavilion to hole 1
Chaddy next to me [there' s 3 of us and 3 golfers] whispers to me, "Hey dude, Mustachio' s a
hardass for his balls, he hates having to redhat, watch it."
Ccomment taken into account
and move on through grass so wet it might as well be a lagoon
Chours pass, hole 17
tired from slogging up hills with 30 pounds of sticks and balls and sacks
Moustachio steps up to the toybox to hit, smoking his cigar like the wealthy prick he is...
ass jiggle, swing and *smack*
dumbass hits high into the branches of a tree overhanging the toybox [stupidest
******* design ever]
all of the **** falling, nuts, leaves, dead squirrels and such, I' m trying to spot the
******* ball
Wehere' s the ball...
Fiinally see the ****** through the shrapnel falling down into... more rough **** ...
call the shot fallen into some brush and Mustachio flips out over his ****** drive
Noothin' special
Fiinally, after the others hit, we go hunting for the ball
ball... just acorns...
Aafter 30 minutes, a small line at the toybox has formed waiting for us to finish
Hey, Mustachio," started another golfer, "Can you hit antoher, we' re holdin peop-"
Looses it
Moustachio, retraced, charges over to me, reaches into the bag, takes out his 9 iron
screaming " ******* **** ********** **** , I LOST A ******* BALI BECAUSE OF THIS
**** KID ******* ******** **** **** !!!"
over kneecap, he snaps the damn thing into two ******* pieces
Eeveryone' s jaws totally drop while I run for cover from his titanium
atonally, it takes one of the golfers to snatch the club from his hands and calm Mustiness
play out the remaining holes in utter silence until we get to the pavilion
******* words. At all.
straight to callmemaster' s office [Chuck we' ll call him...] and wait for my pay card
comes in giggling to himself over redefined Mustachio as I sit in silence crying
comes, Chuckles takes the tip Mustachio didn' t pay and puts it "On his tab."
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#5 - mistafishy (09/19/2013) [-]
[I have a brilliant idea, thumb this up]
[I have a brilliant idea, thumb this up]
#2 - hawaiianhappysauce (09/19/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Can people get away with not paying any tip?
Can people get away with not paying any tip?
User avatar #1 - hamsterball (09/19/2013) [+] (1 reply)
10/10 op
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