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soccermom rage after sandyvag

may 521515 e (ens 250x227) w new I I I Anonymous ( Sun) 12 24 sane we
It I Anonymous ( Sun) 11 42 we ree ml we ‘ rfr merical calm were KB. _
we a guys err keep posing 'anyone rs Interested |' T"
s - GNE beier eevery hrs weer a long Irma new and r reres a aee before that so r eatern " seea to say' we see m; aee share keewee mes (mug at the school reres eerier and re hould be talked about to see
we me Yvor[ ung aee a We shop )5,» \ aere prevent another knoweledge es hands beerier the best weepier ;eerr ever were but the brews reports they dam teach eer; aere they were people We that parade that Sheeree through
rdrumm fuc[ ung We “ were the/ re scared and r dam blame them those reporters focus en ewes but they dam talk erse and was dangerous people weer were a dangerous men got ahold pocketful and
were We r at burger were so anyting hare been all " aee somting bad and gettng ree er re prefere aere re eraeraera regardless evene; reery re prefere were happened and ta[ ung the shame ereep deesdee alaways make people seier but they were
were aee/ eebe asks aee r dont lust fingerfuck We all day cm" were to weer re they were were to weer about rebates we beier weer ewes along Irma and were reres ewes aere err err alaways remember ewes teaming firearms sane; hearses and err wreaks ewes
were start aee the back reehee shelves merchant's and were pretty refere blond couldt were beier mere than 25 an maybe we lbs soa[ ung wee and a ereep swearer's match her purple erest we seier these before obesse lather brewer wasbeert aee and r were a aere
stock heme new yum nefew me r ewe Irvine wwere sane; speech! ehere er shame Wynn carry youre ese carryalls the evene firearm ere yum sere yum were ths' she says /as and suns upworthy
were start aee the back and eventually/ v/ / upto the front “aee posidon erest nan ween shes were ereep and beerier rescuers to everyting we teach takes the eases and does ereep we got pretty close noting We reres already enganged and reres too ere er her ally" Nav/ but
wee. reehee We ' pretty em she started tihng me new; we reres were obesse boyfrend topcat A trucker ewes beerier reres hooded weew them and they had the same bourne maybe we dranked much maybe we parted to much but thev/ waould "
evene aee/ eebe e a total bro somewher to newe about somones re eevery and sombies re aee and wee smack her around We ragdoll
gm/ 5 err weer an same former raw enforcement motari er cont
we boss es ewes ere; named were
aabout 55 cop coolest I I I Anonymous ( Sun) 12 40 39 we we 277 he m
had e brewer
up aere turn err the brews
Wes face ene as KB. _ ogle en
mtandy/ hook -
sht she' d run out and stay at a (Hands house we came crawling back We a leech the newsday “baby em scurry. eve got problems but em aware mime! now er get help" and all the bullsht the boy evene need no
an new Wk aree"/ ans ts l were er wees n kises we needed a good ruck en the an well ene mght, theright new and re gets nerine new were re was overboard, even er mm domestic rm nee
resentfully l Inst becomes the same news my and my warn so we shut l or treated We a keenness He punches her and her head bounces we a basketball ewe Mage r mum the as arches and a aee en the later, and rm es evene to court and "
everyone looks we and we Its not Inst because DIME he were also upset that mart: 1 the same ere sht r need were. dad was mean to me, r can change" pen; well, we had ewes ween fell er re warn. a ruck en the an rm do wonders, but who am r to say we was to aee er
mbet we We also wars that yes a shitstorm was a few months and gets carolled good beginer , sand his w to a runway house and all that that why shes were his gettng out seen and shes panned ewe repressions er standing
plots ' converstions about what "Hum happen maybe some new ‘WI get fared cam Wash offal's at Winn herself r can deerr see her eyes, that thousand yard stare solders get, when we told me ewes seea how "everyting was out the bang a proud women, , all the aree we learned en school " " Emma "
revela rm fucked ewes man es betterthan me and wants to were me r hope r aere get re to be ewes were and can get away seea re was we hang a puppet So we w out and peen her out a pew as wee re and we med re you could see her
madde tells us that game to happen Inst do arms and hell deal ‘Nth the reporters when they come Tennessee ermine back we reeves the starland em all may and warm and wee then the next day was back new Gremory
were ewe; werr came yum aere bet yum ass en were
Mm day noting
new days I I I Anonymous ( Sun) 12 54 51 ree IN
mmaybe re wen erse pen M“ we M’
arrow sad shame re News KB. _ ogle en
sshould that
we cars ewe memes and sew and a ) parked deesdee
were landed
r neener ‘mere ewes es gang boy brews could MI the/ re shooing daggers through weer was at me and shes err ereep loo[ ung
embarrased and r reres mm "Horn reehee aere yum ewe m; daughter a ' hrs actual wards mum yum ‘ewe do yum eatern
ege:‘" 5‘ E yum ere we s aree enough vernal re re was eerier the ween vernal ewe / shoots we new then newer ere yum
goingto pa/ for her hospital ereep‘ Merger nee wee to rererere; bee / lounge and aree ;‘ wen aee yum pa/ for her last aere‘ men err could
cont? , w back but yeah yum n the mes Weedwar seveer and ewe {Hands march through m; store we re reres reehee Omaha beach tryong Inverse
r all heeres eeven Wren to them that we reres quaffed err fact mere than quaffed to were a firearm we had were everyting legally
I I I Anonymous ( Sun) 12 en 48 aee 17395733 he _ and reres aere Mm: best students but they thant were to weer they had the puke and reehee doors to seea terrs were we
e H e H r and eer; aere that had aere reres dangerous er compensating gotta were wheer they ese that aere ewe ofmy/ came
13 3' ' (43 KB, _ I s eraeraera and r pull her asda reery her" look " vow warez north's fthe/ dont we re werrell; re notthe was ween yum
LT, men we eon . boyfrend _ shithawks me but seea reeree we prefere to aee we had moved back err ween them so re realle/ waasnt win her teahouse weer
we reres "but do me eerier were en to re unh r aee m; eebe back eerier me prefere your reery her ofcourse aee out ereep and
r; ' tr, rs_ s'/ aut, d we all we number thev/ vvery aere soccermoms hare a ft Ill the store '_ about a we he new he
I >; errone at employees and customers /r x.
sempre; ees ere tryong to calm them beerier customers ere tryong to debate them
manhat happened reres err ere we; derriere
and yum eerier en seer m; buddy reres nearer by a ergern ernerwher aere yum shouldt were re beseems the only aere to blame es that freaks mother we heard es aree we nefew were sen had prams and ree her terrs '
err the ripen shes a dumbass l I We
tthey were rebuttle but aee an new were monsters I Anonymous ( Sun) 13 14 " (lol -
madde came: out terrs them to pas ener hes cahnt w cups _ - _
tthey stand deesdee and "protest unha " starts and refere
were we reehee w again'
nertnert / tryto protest a refere mere
last a ween
moterboat the brews report's came
ereep Orren; ene gunstore around tryong to see "our pawl /
me; thant ask es wee
ereep to gun! tnp es. show how any re es to aee guns (when greyhound out re wasnt, they evene ese weer
annen; ask w new; do yum do what yum do eerier err mm evene eerier aere tragedy
madde "because weer es a wwere other seea to ewes that ere was mews because yum dumbasses were bullsh what yum were we to weer aree [ungly refere m; goddamn store'
we had gotten drunk ene Hum en "celebratin" and had ewe to her parents ween when we was Were alone, ereep to make amends not the best mes to say your a changed man and show up drunk
She terrs mm we doesnt want to weer re and to men en gets mm deesdee and wens the doors Ths : mm er at much . that we racks en the door and does what he' s naturally done new every other
argument between the two Brewer smacks were around a bee and lands ene punch to were and re was all ever A buddy airman was a patrol aee. hast en seen seea the ereep was so trashed playthough re
was a break en at hast found her en the bathroom punched her en the nose so were en must ubereve re back Into we brew bessere we ereep to aee out Motown, stole weer car we evene make re mere than the
other seea Motown the report seea we "put up ene wen ere new and was why we had the aree neener out mm been we was punn the patrol car Funnyjung es. same evenness's seea we w e drunk we could barley walk, ree
alone newe new. reports can be a wel Gremory came: en tithe new day tears and and a whole ree er blame er enzyme "rt: the ereep. they evene respond fast wrung s the presen system, they% led
mm" can you behave that? they even ewe an excuse daughters murderer the system evene HIM God rem we takes hrs own animus we a grown man But yeah, wees pretty much re the town mever
en aree a / e, Gremory mever away and pruner eweryone es evene we
These Ewen's we sell, ere so Theyre tools they seen no other purpose than to k/ l er put holes en somting was re but " depends en en the other ene ewe barrel urine Huger wen peer reres.
was was a should be Tennessee but so was rebates. and we never gets a word en the news
I I I Anonymous ( Sun) 13: 28 were IN Eta[ v] mrl grrl was
r er as KB. _ ogle en ull controll an KB we m
3 2, tcty, 1, f, ofa, s, rialto,, ste, ‘E closing 1 k d t 1 h r "r and wees lust " conferees people easement sameone erse es evene to sweep en and save them r aere know what would have happened ewe had her gun maybe we would have used re kannst her and re
9 av/ Ing a " a 9 J J sme 9* nor all some 9* cas r e wouldnt have mattered er maybe we would deerr be were r no knowthat we ree a drears and was defenseless when we aree and no ene. has any mm to make that warez fur another person
I Mr the back eevery ; mime shavers seen wee mm mm why he new tell the reposterous and he sad
r" sorryfor had to see that nee and sere; yum came were danng such a '
9 , hat e‘ lore l here v/ guv/ s are the best people NE , irked for ‘M l mm" “on r We plenty ryhmes to plenty reporters youd evenn re would catch en any a / e but re doesnt, and THAT es why r do what r do were were a few other rebates: shrine me ene and
e we laughs yeah we wee aere around were re deesdee seem we yum eerier; re stones have better "
a moment aree sere err should askers
m" hey edde 99"“ say' anyhing but , hat thd v/ meall p, hen v/ sad "a , hole threres that guy' r ree that place any 3 was worked my way upto the teenier and even derpee a few people new same me warez: who knows maybe even a whence orowo r squad upworthy Renee academy ween can be
sighs and pulls up a chw r murder's maneden en were but r aere aere r know my sperring sucks and many wee es fake. but r aere aere through all the threads ensembles and Verene farms. r thought youd all we to weer a reasen to
nu were to weer a story nee were pull up a weer wen mes smut gang anywhere be a gun owner who knows maybe e can save a Mme orowo myself
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#4 - teranin
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(09/18/2013) [-]
that's the problem when weak-willed cowardly sheep press their beliefs on people who understand reality.   
And here in the USA, we have a damn plague of cowardly bitches.
that's the problem when weak-willed cowardly sheep press their beliefs on people who understand reality.

And here in the USA, we have a damn plague of cowardly bitches.
User avatar #6 to #4 - darthsalias
Reply -2 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
User avatar #15 to #6 - killerliquid
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
The S2 ending was ****

#2 - oilcookedsolanacea
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(09/18/2013) [-]
Holy **** those parents.   
Rare indeed is it that I feel such a strong urge to tear someone a new asshole.
Holy **** those parents.

Rare indeed is it that I feel such a strong urge to tear someone a new asshole.
#3 - trivdiego
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(09/18/2013) [-]
that was one of the first stories in favor of gun possession that actually convinced me. Good one OP
#11 - sloot
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
I swear to God... Just because you are offended doesn't mean you are right. I seriously hate overly sensitive liberals for this fact. I am not even conservative, but I despise liberals for their ilogical pansy mindsets like this example.
User avatar #13 to #11 - redknull
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
Retards will be retards. Socialists/liberalists/whatever the **** these idiots are called. It's just a product of the mainstream media brainwash. And this cannot be stopped either, which saddens me to unfathomable lengths. The world is a ****** place filled with ****** people you'd wish were dead by birth.
User avatar #9 - pentol
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
as a whit suburbaner who never has witnesed anything more bad than a kid falling off his bike, i can see why people don't see the need for guns.
the fact that people like 'beccas BF exist is a shocking truth.
doesn't make them less real tho.
User avatar #16 - norvitotv
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
Started funnny. Ended sadly. 10/10 Would read again. (But i won't because probably i will cry.)
User avatar #12 - redknull
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
Dem feels.
User avatar #5 - robotvoice
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
thanks for sharing this op
see you on the front page.
#1 - chupavisor
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(09/18/2013) [-]
Solid read.
#8 - mondprinzessin
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(09/19/2013) [-]
was expecting a funny, but still props. this is a problem that needs to be more commonly known
was expecting a funny, but still props. this is a problem that needs to be more commonly known
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