Craig. . My dad had a pilot named Craig Craig was crazy sarang would try to do loops sarang would fly under bridges sarang would fly so low, they had to go arou
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My dad had a pilot named Craig
Craig was ******* crazy
sarang would try to do loops
sarang would fly under bridges
sarang would fly so low, they had to go around hills
slime day Craig and my dad were escorting a supply convoy that had dropped off some **** and was RTE
sthe trucks had their canopies removed and the sides and tailgate down, so they were essentially flat beds
guy in a truck holds up a camera and beckons for Craig to fly closer for a picture
TII give him something to take a picture of" Craig says to my dad
she begins to land on a moving flatbed
sthe brownout made the trucks driver lose visibility
she slams on the breaks
sthe helicopters skids go into the cab, the chopper doubles Over the front of the truck
sarang and my dad are pulled from the wreckage by the driver and passenger of the truck
s" Did you get the picture'?" Craig asks
ssee, craig crashed something like 9 helicopters
dad was in E helicopter crashes
were with craig
were due to negligent piloting
was getting tired of Craig' s ****
tthey said he would be reassigned to infantry if he crashed another helicopter
snow comes the one time he was actually shot down
dad and craig are fighting off gooks trying to overwhelm the crash site
sthe kingship is circling over head bringing the ruckus
scram says to my dad "l need you to take some pictures!"
dad asks him what the **** is wrong with him, they are nearly overrun
she procures some camera my dad had no idea craig possessed
she' s telling my dad to take pictures of specific things on the helicopter
the while the gooks are closing in
radios in (radio still worked, but was in chopper, as was craig)
why my dad isnt shooting
scram says "He' s busy" apparently very calmly
smy dad' s best friend, the other gunner in the kingship says "with ******* what"
s" he' s taking pictures"
end of battle, blues show up, hueys extract craig and dad
starbase CC) waiting for craig
scram walks up to him, grinning, hands him the camera and says " wasn' t my fault"
silt} says "l know the other ship gave a report"
dad chases Craig down the flight line
selecting of a lifetime
I Anonymous / e( Sun) 19: 45 a
ssl 6359228
craig, being crazy as **** , was also brave
pinned down by fortified ‘.? mm machine gun positions
dad and craig were scouts, not gunships
sohey don' t care, they are the closest to the fight
in low and fast, several times
dad drops grenades on the positions, as machine gun fire has no effect
positions destroyed before gunships get there
sarang gets Army Service Cross
dad gets a Silver Star
squishies get mad they no boomboo boku
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