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I remember a commercial from Australia, I think it was only shown for a month or so before being taken off the air for being just too violent.

A man and his boy go in the car, the boy having a Game Boy (This is what stood out to me as a child so shh) are sitting in there, having a grand old time.
Then it cuts to a mother taking her baby out for a stroll in the baby carriage.
One thing leads to another and they crash into the woman.
I remember it being the most violent, harsh, commercial I've ever seen. Ribs were showing from the mother (fake of course but at the time the closest thing to reality you could get at my age) the baby crying the whole time, it just all around gave a bad experience. In the end it showed the fate of each person, the same way movies with Rob Schneider in them shows what happens to each person.
Anyway, I hope this is enough of a description, if any of you have seen this video, I would enjoy it very much for you to send me a link.