Don't much about with time. or space. 77 Anonymous . 37 ( El El We had a campaign in use where we assembled a time machine. After many sessions travelling throu or Goats
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Don't much about with time

or space

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77 Anonymous . 37 ( El El
We had a campaign in use where we assembled a time machine. After many sessions travelling through time, uncovering mysteries and learning harsh lessons about changing history, we had to stop cult from destroying the gods, the
world. We failed.
Our machine crashed, we were stranded we had ever been able to travel. We Gods, but only afew ofthem were present- it was as aesome had never existed. Then we realised- we had to become those Gods. Our party was entirely divine (Cleric, Paladin, Avenger,
invoiced, and each offs was ofa god who had been unmade- and we were only people in existance with enough knowledge unforgotten deities to assume their roles.
But two ofthe players were worshippers ollo (in his twin forms and Bahamut, who of course would form later after lo' s 'death'), and only one could become lo. The otherworld have to be the .
so the mistrust, honourable and dedicated Lawful Good Paladin I' everseen roleplayed god and evil. lfhk hadnt, the gods would never have primordials, andthe world would never have been completed.
In our setting, Asmodeus is every bit the epitome of evil you would expect him to be. Nobody but the gods who abide his presence know him as otherwise. He adheres to his role because he knows he has to- and that in doing so, the world can exist. He can neverdead anyone his duty, and
noone who knows can ever discuss it.
In the farthest recesses ofthe Nine Hells, in a chamber sealed any other in existance is a pocketwatch oftenest gnome craft with a photo onhis family in it- his wife, son and little baby girl.
They were killed by an om army marching underlie orders and banner . Their deaths are what drove histo become an adventurer.
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#1 - xast (09/16/2013) [-]
Well done, but... WHY?!
Well done, but... WHY?!
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