quite a few. . He 1343529340419 pens KB, 225x225, marblecake) D Anonymous ) 22 35 No 29979927 Gentlemen Mead a shitton preambles Maybe a couple thousand? Any re quite a few He 1343529340419 pens KB 225x225 marblecake) D Anonymous ) 22 35 No 29979927 Gentlemen Mead shitton preambles Maybe couple thousand? Any re
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quite a few

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He 1343529340419 pens KB, 225x225, marblecake)
D Anonymous ) 22 35 No 29979927
Gentlemen Mead a shitton preambles Maybe a couple thousand? Any recommendation on where to go my
cheap marbles?
D Anonymous 07/ 37 No 20079857
What the fuck are you (101719 to do wth them?
D Anonymous 07/ 39 No 20079882
D Anonymous 07/ 49 No 29979997
Well odiously nee (101719 to play marbles n
D Anonymous 07/ 41 No 29979999
Are you (101719 to sneak anto people' s rooms / e they sleep and slap marbles 1711001917 butts to make them sht marbles In the mornng?
D Anonymous 07/ 41 No 20079905
Isten, you cant need THAT many , the human colon can only none so much
D Anonymous 07/ 43 No 29979931
do we need tonne out now many memes an average human can ht minds ? does enyone know trothe top head the mums on
D Anonymous 07/ 44 No 20079951
We dd dome math my pews once
wet means we only need tonne out now many we canons ht insyde a human colon
D Anonymous 07/ 49 No 20080021
we would at peoples canons we would have to use a or sometihng, and the score would be based on now many memes you
managed to get insyde onyour own ess the my eyeing correctly would be the person who gets the most In the target gets second place the geme
wynn be played In rounds, where each playercards alum es target
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 12 24 No 20087055
on what you meen ' , relativly new But newe' allowing my es much es we can, well
Have you even heard oneoneone who calls ?
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 12 35 No 29997174
well net me see what y can boreal quck
ntti //WWW my bannded , ;
we "average' human colon rs Defeet 5 meters) long and can stretched a wanes 5 cm) Manned but rt rs very and new people can
do rt Ths means that the average human colon could theoreticaly hold I quarts
WOW, due to me hang Incapable commas and penors we reached the that you can ht roughly 1581 memes In an average
colon at once, assuming memes aam much more happy mm tnys number, but would sun nake someone to check my math
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 12 44 No 29997279
No, 1 havent And l seems nake n should have, even enougn I' m kylee glad n havent Please, tell me more
aw me a new weeks to that number on memes
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 13 21 No 20087677
Why would you want to put the normal memes up your ass? 1 conne Emelyne aerozer In your ess conne be used my an alternate launch tecnique, but the
colon wouldnt make much one my because the memes wouldnt bounce around enougn In there
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 13 39 No 20087770
13 an KB, 930x834, 1343312632844 mg)
wetten be arranged act, 1 may already have one on hand Arnot, n suppose ynn make do mm eweezy home
11100115 not my myself, but my merkone, and science
gwynn report In perhaps a month or so, es y need tyme to these memes, and y do not want my neigbors to question
them Remember me, /W, my y shall return
D Anonymous / 29/ ) 14 34 No 20088398
uh be see dude, dont try to fence them, and have a phone case you need totall emergency services
D Ass Memes. 07/ 29/ ) 15 19 No 20088866
gwynn be careful mm my ess Should tacome to that, enougn, y wynn simony tell them y wes conducing research, and thatcher should clear me out post haste,
that y may continue my expedients Hopefully, y do not make the news
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 15 33 No 20089002
1 once dothe maths my now may tymes you' d completely the human system mm enougn cum to both l and generate
pressure to allow thejews to launch someone , the err ccount go and hnd my research my l on the ‘Mums:
Rght we large and small intestine can both none ll nines, so 5210131 we stomach can none a was and the mouth and esophagus can none 9 litres
so 11 litres space avalable to memes shoved upthe anus Assuming close pecking [whch cant happen due to all the twists and turns) Mme memes
gaves a 74% decency, so you can ht 8 44 mes on marbles up your bum we onthe we Mme memes
D Ass Marbles. 07/ 29/ ) 15 53 No 20089184
He 1343591597343 png( 299 KB, 874x892, png)
nny try to be /W, and go my maximum number, y damn ynn have the sht l out n l wynn be to the
story a and chop sucks
eta' Thank you, SM I' ll add a note Minna! In my own research I' m ense screen on ohms thread and monist post
r research, sonnet you wynn know l rs y who returns
Ths mam not be see my work
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 16 24 No 20089569
Fuck, you' re mekong me want to try tnys too
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 16 27 No 20089590
net me stress here " tryong to put that may memes In your as rs DANGEROUS take youtryme, and Wynn experience any pawn STOP be ready to
have an ambulance snow up are
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 16 44 No 20089781
Not much to tell When n wes 15 years one 1 stuffed memes up my a e Inthe shower contents one tube, not much Always wondered
now much conne go up there And now much conne go up a women' s there'
naes really mcking stuped when n wes 15 wangs got betterthan n wes 19 AND NOW 1 AM HERE
D Dr. Ass Marbles. 07/ 29/ ) 16 51 No 20089857
Well, I' m (101719 to do whatup has done and buy a couple thousand gwynn hnd out now may memes the human as wynn none, and y Mn return to all ofyou
Mn tnys knowledge
D Dr. Ass Marbles. 07/ 29/ ) 17 19 No 20090263
He png( 215 KB, 392x411, 1333793434912 png)
we ene told mete y deemed en my an
VI eat expect to put all anthem m there est making sure y hare mere then (ll my neeh dothat y eat run Intitle "l yen out'
L' hula:
As y sad, tnys rs not my me 11100115 my all onus For eeyy man, women, and ch/ d who has overwintered now may memes they can snow upthe as
For eeyy In tnys thread and others Mn turn theory, anto act Mn take the "ton Hm science "ton Mn snow memes anto my asshole, FOR
ll try not to eye
ntti //MM youtube
not relevant
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 17 21 No 20090290
Can we present these nguyen to Chastens and prove that god my men to have anal intercourse wth one another?
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 17 22 No 20090310
wynn probably cortney your argument mm we my men to be able to push tryes out asses'
or sometihng nake that
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 18 49 No 29991597
He 1343602185406 .3129 KB, 300x300, mg)
a, --ii, --- /W, tnys thread me because n used to work In a hopital And yes, people come In eeyy once In jenyne to get really stun
belowe ess
E ‘ You em want to know most on l But one on the worst ones? 47 mcking thigs
Please stop shoing stump your ess are sack on demoing l our science us to nellie the science
demands you snow up your ess
wank onyour doctor, " wank onyour eactly
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 18 51 No 29991917
Ths men rs greatest on all scientests We should nonny mm try peer ms Where can you Guyanese In bulk?
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 18 59 No 29991999
happens more you' d tink seiyuus getten damage
And 1 am med my hand up men' s esses to nellie the horrendous shoved upthere
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 18 57 No 29991993
Ramones me Minna! couple that stuck a elneo onto a power sew
D Anonymous 07/ 29/ ) 19 M No 29991739
How aboutthe women thirded because she put admin on ?
wes nght She wes lterally fucked to death made to concrete, l turns out, do a job at preses and
ergens, too
D Dr. Ass Memes. 07/ 29/ ) 19 99 No 29991943
inyour eater
wank I' m getting hundreds on marbles In my ess we rs Slaanesh worsnop Butt, l rs In the neme annoyence
I' ll try to stay out the , enmy no other beeson then to ense stay out Mme news
D Anonymous / 29/ ) 19: 15 No 29991939
1 know my next BEES
D Dr. Ass Memes. 07/ 29/ ) 19 38 No 29992247
He 1343605130693 png( 929 KB, 1280x720, 1323131399272 png)
m" Hare you SEEN Met we done to my asshole? You cant yeeyeeyee whats about to happen to yours'
And mm that, heme /W, y must say good nyant gwynn return mm a report on my In a new weeks, on when
the memes bethere
For science
He 1355460466246 KB, , 1344803561284 pug)
D Science. Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 13/ 47 No 22933797
1 have returned, gentlemen WITH SCIENCE
The answer rs far expected 493 wes the niggest number, and n nest a new
My research rs Inconclusive, though, " 1 an enema
Dye anyone even stat those two characters?
D Anonymous 12/ 14/ 38 No 22034398
He 1355463507889 .3139 KB, 498x363, )
llost a new
D Anonymous 12/ 14/ 38 No 22934493
He 1355463522160 KB, 640x512, 1293494999299 mg)
Damn How long ego wes showthread?
How long has on been working
Because 1 gotta say, you' re unburned,
or wry, wry thorough
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 49 No 22934423
athousand we most 1 conne ht In there at one tyme wes 493 enter a by poop, and enter aweek annoyence, y had 992 exactly
were were casulties, but l wes neme on research You' wercome
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 47 No 22934529
l wes months ego , 1 moved anto a new nome renown, and wes fenced to buy a new computerate to some unrelated meme d@ cult's
Research only nastee abouts week, because there rs only so may memes you can take without getting , but In sure ynn had an enema, y conne go
D Dr. Ass Marbles ( Fnny 51 No 22034574
saw my my next weed
n honestly em know Probably the same pace the magnet went 1 blame Slaanesh
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 57 No 22034681
My wes not to nose them My wes to see one decline other magnet In there Momma outside, nake putting one above and
under a tableau's), and then to see now may memes conne ht
we estimate wes somewhere Inthe ball park we realty wes my lower, a y conne lterally fence In no more
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ " No 22034788
y already sad Yes
Are you the seme guy that gave sad advices Arso, thank you my
On a sightly Lenette note, enter Stage One on my research wes complete, we yet to be constapated solar, and y theorie that y wynn not my a long tyme to come
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 19 No 22034988
One demeter
Stage Two rs when y buy an enema and try neyo not went my necer pane up around them my , no, flatworld have my (one!
Once y reached In there and popped out anew goaty dd the rest, mm only manyman punning Inthe bath tub, mm egowin y would Never use
Behave l or not, In actually heterosexual
For ohms leesons, y do not flsh my neme to even be known my tnys 1 Do have enemy's and all, es well es eeyy ess I' m even onthe phone
mm my mother nght now, and she keeps asking why y suddenly burst anto laughter
D Anonymous 12/ 14/ 12( 22 No 22035021
But now wynn your science even be peer
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 12( 29 No 22935949
He 1355466389831 png( 95 KB, 510x546, 1337949475597 png)
Isnt that Your turn
D Anonymous 12/ 14/ 12( 27 No 22035062
1 have to ask, Dr Ass Memes Thatwas the explantion you penned up my tnys experment, Inthe chance that sometihng went teribly wrong? Dye l have
the words SCIENCE In l
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ 38 No 22035165
only hattie wore _
neme" and the blankest stare y conne muster awound nope thatcher would assume y wes on drugs, and leave l at that
were rs no needed She would the knowledge she has Shawnee, and simony yeppers l Probably mm uncanon
More appropiate
Not even annoyence such a n would dare that one we task
Hernan spelunkers
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ ) 02 39 No 22935714
He 1355470202920 pgy( 15 KB, 509x350, )
part two Mme research, I' ll yeyeye l 1 suppose I' ll have tonne a mask aesome sort to nude my , and pray that no one who
knows me was what even pom syte I' ll have to upload tnys on, sonnet my ess rs not reconized
My new nettop has , you see
Also; Inthe archie? re hate to nose such a thread
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ ) 05 or No 22937994
wet wouldnt have been seen Momma Worn!
we back, newely were wes a y conne other magnet on my lower back and t' d , because Mme one onthe insyde
D Dr. Ass Marbles 12/ 14/ ) 05 29 No 22937239
He 1355480989943 pgy( 59 KB, , )
Well, to start or, y had some Minna! my brother bought me es egyg gym my what evanthe wes, that y the
none mm es well es each marble
1 have eeyy specious bath area, tnys wes all done there My lap top outside the door, mm some hentai on, because my prostate wes
about to get anyway, so mam es well have amped mp n the none, and each marble we hast new tymes
took hours, because y wes , and y some tymes dropped the up glass marbles
them anally, Inthe "doggy style' reuse the ones that were recieved, haythere are marbles that have yet to new the warmth on my
we area wes padded mm 5 layers towers, not break mm the fence on my movements we one on the top wes burned enter
research wes completed, es y conne never nook at tthe seme even
we wes done ten tymes months course unseen days, atandt% caton each tyme wes the clearest n conne be without an enema naydee yce once In yrs
stead, but thaadd not go es planned took my too long
Does that answer your question suddently?
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