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(09/16/2013) [-]
Its my 25th birthday today and its the lowest ive ever felt. I was raised made to feel I was special. I thought Id tried and I thought Id suffered and I thought it was all a means to an end. Ive worked at the same job for six years, I intern at my dream job but ill never get it. In pictures i always look worried. I don't know the difference between anger and sadness. Ive been punched in the face but never been in a fight. . I can only get it up about 50 percent of the time with women. I live in someone elses house. I keep thinking one of these days ill wake up and have the gumption to do something, but no. I smell bad. Women actually like me but im too scared to **** them. At 25 Im all im ever gonna be. Orson wells did citizen kane when he was 24. that guy shot up the movie theatre in Colorado when he was 24. Im not gonna an hero so im just gonna live a life of waiting it out. cry to myself sometimes then go to starbucks and feel a little better.