The things people come up with. found while browsing... The last restaurant en list is so exclusive, it deosn“ t even have a name. Te eat there casts between we
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The things people come up with

found while browsing..

The last restaurant en list is so exclusive, it deosn“ t even have
a name. Te eat there casts between we ta eight thousand dollars,
and you must be a member (to qualify as a member, you must
have a yearly income in excess at mmi, C) C) C) -vitsi, in Yen). " a
secretive, contreversial club legated underground in Tekee' s t: yeah
kind cut that
fashionable District. Where you have sex with yew feed.
Playing with your feed has never been taken so literally. At the club, yeu' ll get ta make
leve ta your choice at a chicken, dag, pig, er goat; male er female. At this paint, unless yeu'
overstepped your bounds, the animal is still alive, and presumably frisky.
Once the deed is done, you (and your family‘? Guests? We' re net really sure what you want ta
here) retire ta the dining area. In a matter at minutes, you
are presented with a delicious meal at reosted whatever-
The restaurant is net forthcoming
ith many details, but ene imagines, largely fer the sake at
ene' s sanity, that the animal is cleaned em first.
devotedly, this exclusive dining establishment is net fer
Net sure 'flol' ! 1
gemj en here.
everyine, but if yeu' re a rich persin whe has literally
exhausted every other human (remember, that
includes injecting herein inte your eyeball}, then why net tap eff your life at debauchery with a
humped deg?
As ene at the patrons [whe wished ta remain anonymous) stated, "the appeal at the place Just
came abaut because when peeple have get maney and dew everything else, they turn towards
We' re en ta veu. Bill Gates. Donald Trump. Jr; Remind and Paul McCartney- Watch t
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