Punchlines in the title. The second comment ...... Ni- sbe I E , E Fantasy Footballers... E an Dickland Hedi... E I' , over was ions a woo '.'. requires orig wr
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Punchlines in the title

The second comment .....

Tags: b | Lasagana
Ni- sbe I
E , E Fantasy Footballers... E an Dickland Hedi... E I' ,
over was ions a woo '.'. requires orig written response. a a in s u wor e pre we An I s I SWI c o is orma or u we I I " s. a
File: KB, 309x259, **************** lng)
we me
ageing to girlfriends house to meet parents forthe first time
ween dating about 4 months, decides it' s time
fear boner already tucked in waistband
dmeet both parents and older sister, commence small talk
mmom is making home cooked lasagna forrunner
Heat forawrd to dinner. start eating, ***** s delicious
aim feeling good, both parents seem to like me
Everything is going betterthan planned
oi underestimate the last bite on my plate
pput it in mouth, immediately realize it' s watto much
****** s hot as ****
wreath in a little in hopes uncoiling down mammoth sized lava hot bite
nausea me to cough/ sneeze with the force ofa thousands suns
food sprays EVERYWHERE. covers the lasagna in the pan and the elder sister' s face.
eonly noise is elder sister' s disgust as she runs out ofthe room.
QUITE, mom' s face is disgusted while dad' s isjust a swelling cloud of anger
may going to the bathroom
abbot: it to my car, drive home
signorina all calls from my girlfriend
i think i might just break up with my
I Anonymous ( Thu) 19: 01: 26 WEE Replies: :=: asos? 1? aas
who cares man it was an accident
they will probably understand
you guys will look back on this moment and laugh
I Anonymous ( Thu) 19: 02: 32 WEE Replies: :=: asos? 1? sao
Your story amused me. Claim you have lasagna allergies, problem solved. o
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Submitted: 09/13/2013
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