Winter is coming. this is a quote from "the gentle earth" by Christopher Anvil.. Te the best of our knowledge, 'winter" is e vere periodic disease , t
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Winter is coming

this is a quote from "the gentle earth" by Christopher Anvil.

Te the best of our knowledge, 'winter" is e vere periodic disease , the actual onset of which is preceded by the vegetation turning various
meiers. The ted vegetables known as 'trees I eese their foliage entirely, except fer some few which are immune and are known as 'e walgreens, We the
disease progresses, the juices of the plants are squeezed wt and crysta// ize ii? white feathery forms known as west 'Sufficient quantities of this
dried juice is shew. I The m refers to shew failing from the sky, 'A possible explanation of this is that the large trees Oise shew, I
producing e fed of dried juice crystals, These crystals are clearly poisonous. 'Frostbite, I 'chilblains, 'and even 'freezing to death 'are mentioned ii? the
enemys communication media, E ven the atmosphere filled with the resulting Vapor, is said to he ‘mid. I Totally unexplainable is the common reference to
children roiling up trails of this poisonous dried and hurling them at each other, This can ehey he presumed to he some sort of toughening
exercise, More research eh this problem is needed, "
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Submitted: 09/13/2013
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#1 - nospyonme (09/13/2013) [-]
Problem? I wouldn't exactly call it a problem, more of an amusement. What has been a real problem is that humans can detect electromagnetic wavelengths from 400-700nm, the problem being that they can essentially "see" our communications traffic. They may be unable to decode the meaning, but we have had to stop using long range communication devices in tactical situations. Our scientists tell me that this may be the reason they have an advanced understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum.
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