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User avatar #9 - gayboard (09/12/2013) [-]
Aren't the kids right since he couldn't see from their P.O.V.?

You know what? Nobody gets to be right any more.
User avatar #160 to #9 - madobnoxious (09/12/2013) [-]
you are right, gayboard!
User avatar #157 to #9 - xdeathspawnx (09/12/2013) [-]
no the teacher was the only one that was right. He simply said that (at least part of) it was red, which is correct. The students said that it wasn't red, which is wrong. If the teacher had said that the book wasn't black, then he would also be wrong, but he didn't.
User avatar #141 to #9 - graymatter (09/12/2013) [-]
When life gives you lemons, you die of cancer shortly thereafter. But at least you got to see the lemons.
User avatar #85 to #9 - cumbersome ONLINE (09/12/2013) [-]
No, he never said it wasn't black, he just said it was red.
User avatar #59 to #9 - haroldsaxon (09/12/2013) [-]
The kids were wrong in saying the book was not red, when it was both red and black. The teacher wasn't wrong in only saying it was red.
#50 to #9 - seizure (09/12/2013) [-]
god dammit i just saw some porn that had POV in the title and thought this was related since I had no idea what POV meant but I'm pretty sure it's not point of view
#82 to #50 - anon (09/12/2013) [-]
are you retarded?
#21 to #9 - ivelization (09/12/2013) [-]
well the kids are wrong because they havent seen the professors point of veiw however the professor has ssen their point fo veiw, being that he has seen the tow sides of the book.
#32 to #21 - moistnuggests has deleted their comment [-]
#167 to #32 - ivelization (09/13/2013) [-]
never lied though he just said it was red...
User avatar #44 to #32 - misfitxcreepx (09/12/2013) [-]
He never lied. He said the book was red, then the students told him he was wrong and that it was black. He never said the students were wrong or that the book wasn't black, he merely stated the fact that it was red.
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