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#60 - Ken M (09/12/2013) [-]
That is a bunch of bull ******* **** . Easy is a relative term, What some would consider "easy" others would consider "hard". For instance, I consider a female that is playing hard to get annoying and unnecessary. Likewise a very intelligent loving caring girl could also just like you in that way and you get together extremely easily. Does that make her a terrible ******* person? This quote has some truth to it but mostly just full of **** . Guys if she is a cool chick that you can be yourself around, GO FOR HER. There is no " but its to easy" it doesn't ******* exist. Now if he is talking about sex than he needs to clarify that in some fashion and i would half agree with the quote, but the terms he is using are still very relative. Relative for not-so-smarties- it means it changes from person to person.
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