BEWARE OF SHIZIMARU OKAME!. Stayed at a friends house for a week, this was one of his room mates. I gave her 170 dollars to get some little birds, after being t Shizi Shizimaru Okame bitch
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Stayed at a friends house for a week, this was one of his room mates. I gave her 170 dollars to get some little birds, after being told I would be getting one, which she prompetly pawned off to others and isn't going to pay me back the money. Beware this persons name online, and stay as far away as possible.

Ya know how it is, its to find your "Friends" think of you
only as money and love to go behind your back say something to one
person, another thing to another and then another thing to your Family..
wonderful how people area┬╗ Fed up with being used, sick of people
seeing me as MONEY i haste feelings too, you know who yall are, sick
of how nothing more then a ******* TOOL ... glad to know how you
truly saw me... a tool, tool For money and games... be happy ill be gone
from where i am and never to contact any ofyou againa of
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Mills You know shim Hahn warned me of this, he did, I told
him I would give you the benefit of the doubt. Listen to yourself,
F Talking about how eberyone wants you For money, Money money
money, IMMEDIATELY after pulling nearly 300 dollars toegether feom me
and others, or lets go back to the 3500 dollars you owe kahn, or the 300
you owe Vel? Hmm? Don' t you dare Elk about people Inventing you For
money after the hell i ******* experienced this weekend shim you have
absolutely no place to do it,
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M Jacob Hills You made me lose one of the closest friends I had, I
Erica Griffin Sorry I' m at work right now and yes I do it' s
went through the reticule ofa got From my grandmother, and all
For you, without a single word. Well I' m done not triking, it' s all out
now, I' m tired of holding it back and this needs to be said, YOU HAVE A
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Mills You ride on the coat trails of others, using your past
experiences like a crutch, you shove it in peoples has when theirs
F something you really want and hats not right! We all have had bad
experiences in our lives, FFS I Fell From a god damn plane, I want walk up
stairs For **** , yeti still made you lunch 2 days in a row and Berried it
upstairs For you, nearly passing out feom pain and exhaustion, and you
never even said thank you..
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M Write a comment,,, -if it
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#1 - theblackmantroll Comment deleted by dasbunneh [+] (6 replies)
#2 to #1 - dasbunneh (09/11/2013) [-]
I don't think so, didn't take the time to ask who drew that
User avatar #7 - flammablefetus (09/11/2013) [+] (20 replies)
I'm really confused. At the first though the original poster was you, now I'm a bit conflicted. Are you Jacob or ching chong man?
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