Omegle Trolling 2. Bored again, which means it's time to terrorize Omegle. The last guy got the worst of it. I'm really sorry, dude.. omegle trolling
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#1 - irolledyourmom
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**irolledyourmom rolled a random comment #301 posted by yusay at Anime evolution ** :
What I mean is they're requiring prior knowledge, such as Kaworu. To someone new to Rebuild pretty much nothing he says makes sense (albeit, with the writing it doesn't make as much sense to us either) , nor why he's interested in Shinji. And again, with the Angels and Evas. They are never explained in Rebuild, but explained in NGE. Not to mention SEELE isn't touched on at all but they're so important. There are numerous examples of this.

Anno's "re-imagining" quote can be thrown out the window after all these years, considering the other part of it has been changed. Originally, he said the first three movies would be remakes of the TV series with a re-imagined ending as the fourth movie. But during the 1.0, there were major changes, and 2.0 was basically 70% new and 30% old, and that old was re-imagined. 3.0 was 100% new and so will 4.0.
His quote prior to the first movie ever being released is null at this point.

use this next time