What the fuck lil' Cheese?. . I Anonymous (WI (( Tue) 21: No. 505356237 Replies: arm? : Adventures of Lil' Cheese: The Anette saga year, so I' m a Senior, Chees
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What the fuck lil' Cheese?

I Anonymous (WI (( Tue) 21: No. 505356237 Replies: arm? :
Adventures of Lil' Cheese: The Anette saga
year, so I' m a Senior, Cheese is a Sophomore
4 start talking to a Sophomore named Anette
Annette is cute, short, blonde, nice ass, big tits, cheerleader
week, I' m walking behind Anette in gym class
is walking next to me
4 like to keep him around for laughs occasionally
reels his head back and whispers "Anette is soomo hot"
4 say, "Nice observation, Cheese"
Swen I notice the he was pitching in his gym shorts
Jeesus Christ, Cheese
4 go over and tell Anette
giggles, thinks it' s funny, but she doesn' t know what is to come.
More of the Anette saga to come
4' m walking with Anette in the hall alter gym
Annette tells me that she couldn' t find her spare gym shorts
Knotice that Cheese isn' t anywhere to be found
Jeesus Christ, Cheese.
ways with Anette
into the bathroom to take a piss
Knotice there' s someone in the stall
Thhose shoes look familiar...
4 am not satisfied with this answer
4 simply must know if my suspicions about Cheese and the missing gym shorts
Hell Cheese that if he doesn' t open the stall door, I' m kicking it down
just yells for me to go away again
4 ask him, "Are you taking a mean **** or something?"
an seconds before I kick the dropdown, Cheese shambles out, pulling up his pants, tears in his eyes, drool coming from his mouth, with something sticking out of his pocket
4 snatch it before he waddles out of the bathroom
suspicions have been proven true
gym shorts
Tthere are numerous spots Hiarious liquids on them
on the crotch
Seemen next to the drool
knows what dripping down the leg. I think he accidentally dipped them in the toilet or something
Jeesus. Christ. Cheese.
4 say, "Cheese what the **** ?"
gets misty again
look of a thousand broken WWE Smackdown vs. Raws
4 reassure him that I won' t tell Anette
thanks me and waddles to class
s been a week, Anette still doesn' t know what happened to her shorts
What the **** , Lil' Cheese?
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Submitted: 09/11/2013
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#2 - anonymous (09/12/2013) [-]
this is like 1/4 of it, not even best parts
#1 - solarisofcelestia ONLINE (09/11/2013) [-]
Nice short story, but a little too cheesy.
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