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And then there's those people who are REALLY into it.

Like full digital camo and everything.

I did a lot of mil sim airsoft up in the mountains and it is full of those people.
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On a scale of 1-10 how fun are airsoft games?
Is it worth the money and how much will it cost me?
I have to wear a special uniform?
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Airsoft is extremely expensive to get well-equipped.
A good gun is going to be $200+. Ammo isn't too cheap. If your gun breaks it's pretty much done for, you can't fix it easily at all. There is no proof of getting hit by the pellets, etc etc
But hey, if you have enough money to pay for it all then go for it.
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My first time going airsofting, I got shot on the fingernail of my right pinky finger. It hurt. I then got shot in the fore head, and later stepped into an ant hill and had to leave the game because I was covered in ants.

Most fun I've ever had.
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I had bites everywhere and was tearing my shirt and pants off in front of everyone.
And yeah, I was definitely more prepared from that point on. I even invested in a ghillie suit, an L96, and a white mask that I'm gonna paint later. It's an Army of Two style mask, not sure what to call it.
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I meant I didn't know what the actual name of that style of mask is called.
But Jeffery is good. I like that name.
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So you're telling me that there are actual games where you have to build a camp and spend the night or did I just misread that?
That sounds like a lot of fun and I would love to do this.
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Reading you're story just got me excited to actually try it.
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Do you usually play with people that have actual military training and they just kick everyone's ass?
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I now want to join the Army and become a Ranger, then convince old war buddies to go to an airsoft game with me, after they fall in love with it we make custom uniforms with the words "You're all ****** " on the back of our shirts or vests.
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They sound like my type of guys.
If I ever get enough money I want to host a game that will last a whole week.
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My first comment sounds a bit.....homosexual.
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Thanks for the comments and help.
I'll be sure to look more into it.
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hey, blackdaddy helped you a lot (good job black daddy) and the majority of what he described are milsims. He didn't give a whole lot on local fields. I go to one thats indoors (i don't think ill be going back after my last experience there with the referee...) but they have a small "town" set up inside. its just a bunch of plywood buildings and such. there were probably about 7 buildings. Most indoor local places will most likely have something like that
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I want to go start Airsofting, but my country(NL) is slowly passing an legalization on Airsofting. And I don't know of any friends/people around here that Airsoft. We have some paintball fields, but they only host Paintball and Lasergaming.
Will it be worth to invest money in it, knowing I would probaly the only one to do it?
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Nevermind I was mistaken. They passed the law in Febuary and there are already several groups of airsofting people. I am getting the license to own such airsoft. And then I will search for a group.
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You need a license in your country?
What country are you from? (Sorry NL wasn't really too clear for me)
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Most places don't have a dress-code, although bright colours are generally frowned upon. Wear something black/brown/tan/green, etc. I've never had a bad day at an airsoft game yet. If you want to try it, most airsoft sites lend out guns, just google "Airsoft site near ____ <- Your place" and see if they do, then you can try it without spending 400 bucks on a gun and gear and then decide that it isn't fun at all.
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Can I just wear khaki pants and a black polo and pretend I'm PMC?
User avatar #16 to #14 - pureevil (09/11/2013) [-]
Yeah, that'd be fine. Although, check on the website of the airsoft site to make sure they don't have a dresscode. It's quite fun when you get into it, even with a lousy gun. Lots of adrenaline pumping, intense moments, etc. Be prepared to run a lot though.
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Can I climb a tree and be a sniper and just chill out?
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I'm not sure if you're trolling now or not, but sure you can, although most games are played in objective and airsoft guns aren't really that long-ranged, unless you get it tuned.
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I'm kind of just messing around but being serious at the same time.
So when you say objectives you mean like capture the flag and stuff?
That sounds fun as **** .
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Yeah, that or "Clear out the building", "hold the building", "Team deathmatch", "Last Team Standing", etc. Depends on where you live and what sites you play on. I only really play on one since we don't have that many sites in Denmark, but we play all kinds of objectives.
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I live in Miami, Florida so there are bound to be a lot.
I'll check it out one day if I have the time and money.
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Yeah, America has the second best airsoft sites in the world.... (Scotland 4 lyfe! )
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I know what you mean man. This one faggot at op geronimo was wearing a ******* thick cloak and wouldn't call his hits. I hate those kind of fags.
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