Mess with the Best.... get the princess. Wait...what?. eur lips easte like dead. Beacuse there' s no water in the Sahara. 2 hours ago . Like lghts a meta facebook is for steers and queers You dont look like no steer
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Mess with the Best... get the princess.


eur lips easte like dead. Beacuse there' s no water in the Sahara.
2 hours ago . Like
lghts a metaphor Justin, . .. i am well aware i weild be dead ifi traveled through the Sahara wii: heut
2 hours ago via mobile . Unlike . , 1
My cemment is a metaphor of your metaphor, in the guise ofa sarcastic quip, thadin turn, did NOT
register as funny in your processes, So, I apologize,
2 hours ago . Like
1,, , reply m your cemment was meant m : knoweledge your quip -[whim its hilarity i was also
aware e an also distract the image of dead lips from any passerby by leaving a further cemment fer them m
about an hour ago via mobile . Unlike . , 1
do hereby believe that your attempt at analyzing my analysis that of whim was a mere criticism
of your infallible metaphor is nullified by your lack variety, I do net fault your processes, but
rather, your professors in prevo. .. See More
about an hour ago . Like . , 1
1 fear that you may underestimate my ability m articulate, I believe it is as adequate as it should
be, I am of average intellect. But Toghether I decide m put effert inte a mere cemment of no
consequence has little er nothing m do wide my... See More
Al minutes ago via mobile . Unlike . , 2
did underestimate yeu, my Unworthiest of opponents, However, you must be mid the wholesome
truth of my existence. I was placed upon this very planet as an ordained representative of an antiquated line of
eloquent writer and linguists. Mulling ever the data exposes that net only is my Iterating style super% ously articulate
strings of participles and , but eternally superior m a style and formatting such as years. Tour usage of
fballer: ious" and “crass" is correct in the sense that they are synonymous. However, using them in r: correlative
notions, in the paralleled cement is, hew do you say? Oh! Redundant. Tour veracious need m overpower my
linguistic capabilities is unquenchable as time and time again, you will be trumped, A wise man ene mid me that a war
cannot be evertime wii: heut the furor: sourness of battle er the sanctity of diplomacy. So, here is where my offer
strands, I will aller your wiiu' udraw from this battle of wit and statue, wide your dignity and pride, , you may
nue this fresh made furor: soully fake pierogi, If you were net aware, as I weild assume not, was is
pride er self absorption, in my cleverly applied alliteration, I applied danimal knowledge in French, as
well as American English and the King' s English, I have ence again eradicated any chance of having succeeded in
your endeavors m defeat myself and the Google search engine.
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