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#26 - anon
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(09/10/2013) [-]
Okay *******, Listen up and because I'll only say this once.

Happiness isn't something you achieve in life. Life is a long drawn out book that has the same conclusion as everyone else's. Happiness is a choice. People who are miserable don't choose to see things in a different perspective. If you wake up in the morning and stub your toe, you can choose to bitch and moan about it or you can imagine what Chris Farley would do in that situation and laugh. If you thing that achieving some higher level of intelligence or knowledge entitles you to personal misery than you are a moron. If you're wise enough to accept your surroundings and live life gracefully and happily then you aren't miserable, nor ignorant. If you wan't to be happy, be happy. You don't have to ignore your surroundings you just have to be happy. Life is a compilation of choices you make that develop who you are, choose to be happy. Oh and if you disagree with me I don't care because I choose not